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Mana Tapu It all started on the golden beaches of Malta in the Mediterranean sea… The strum of guitars by the beach, singing, laughter and dancing over the fizzle of breaking waves and the crackle of a campfire… …the heart of the Mana Tapu sound! The group’s international line-up of musicians hailing from Malta, Germany, Spain, France, and as far as Chile and Canada, lends a uniquely diverse flavour to their music, which swings from reggae, to ska, to funk, to folk, to rock and back again. And with their reputation for putting on some of the most lively and infectiously FUN concerts on the island, chances are you’ll be singing and dancing along before you even know it!


MANA : prestige, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma TAPU : restriction - a supernatural condition.

Mana: mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object

In May 2018 Manatapu released their single Mur imma mur on local radios and on the web. This is the first single from their debut full-length album Tuatara released on 25 May 2018 Fra Ben and celebrated at Earth Garden on 31 May 2018. "We will start the Tuatara journey with a song, which captures the summer vibes here on this island. The video is a collection of shots from hidden gems around Malta. Winter is over .. bring on summer" explained Pupachile one of the vocalists of the band.

Line Up

ManaTapu in 2018


Frans Darmanin (Bass),
Dario Vella Catakano (Vocals, Guitar), Songwriting
Jogy Bo Smid (Vocals, Guitar), Songwriting
Pupachile (Vocals, Design),
Tete aka Camacho Criminal (Vocals),
Andrew McGrath (Drums)


Jogy Bo Smid (Vocals, Guitar)
Dario Vella Catakano (Vocals, Guitar)
Pupachile (Vocals)
Tete aka Camacho Criminal (Vocals)
Aaron Dimech (Bass)
Ryan Abela (Drums)

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