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Debbie Scerri

Debbie Scerri born in Toronto, Canada on 25 March, 1969.

Taking her education at the Govt. Primary School in Rabat, Govt. Secondary School in Rabat, and Upper Secondary at l-Imsida. Debbie is married to Matthew Vella and has a daughter Nicole Vella.

She always liked singing and acting and was always involed in school activities, afterwards also Performing with her brother Jason Sherry who now is a successful singer and dancer based in Germany.

Debbie took part in many various local Song Festivals such as Malta Song for Europe, Malta International Song Festival, L-Għanja tal-Poplu, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Malta Hit Song Contest, and even take part and performs in various local Night Spots, on Cruise Liners, Radio and Television.

In 1993 she was one of the backing vocalist for William Mangion in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Cork, Ireland with the song This Time. In 1995 E.U. Song Contest Cyprus & MaltaThessaloniki (duet with Alexander Schembri, 1996 South Pacific International Song ContestAustralia, Winning a Best Performance Award 1996 and 1997 Winner for two consecutive years of the Malta Music AwardsBest Singer.

She also performed in Ireland, Greece, Macedonia, Tunisia, Great Britain, U.S.A., Canada, Prague and Australia.

Debbie also take part in many Musicals such as Erwieħ (1992), Reġa’ Sebaħ (1993), Ali Baba (1994), L-Għarusa tal-Mosta (1996), Ġesu’ ta’ Nazareth (1998/1999), Il-Ħotbi ta’ Notre Dame (20010),Robin Hood (2003), Sebastian (2006), and Passion of The Chirst, where she played the part of Mary between 2006 and 2012.

She took part various Shows and Concerts like The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber Concert – M.C.C. (1994) Produced by Bonaci Brothers, First live concert at Saqqajja Square, Rabat (1995), Produced by Rabat Local Council with Mro. Joe Brown`s Band, Tribute to Hollywood Musicals Show at The New Oracle at Dormen Hotel (1996), Firedance the Dance Show at M.C.C. produced by Yada Dance Company (1997), Live Concert – M.C.C. with Mro. Joe Brown`s Band (1997), Era the Dance Show – M.C.C. produced by Yada Dance Company (1998), Live gigs at the Farsons Beer Festival (1997/1998/1999), Millenium Live Concert at Floriana (2000), Musicals Live Concert – Oracle New, at Dolmen Hotel (2001/02), Sleigh Bells in the City (2003), That`s Amore` - The Music Show produced by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment, in (2004), Just Musicals – A Night to remember produced by Kumpanija Teatru Rjal at (2004), Just Musicals 2 – Teatru Rjal, A Tribute to the Oldies by Spiteri Lucas Ent at (2005), Golden Oldies – Spiteri Lucas Ent. Strait Street – Yada Dance Company (2006), Notre Dame De Pari's, Teatru Rjal. Flashback – Spiteri Lucas Ent. & Hermann Bonaci, The Legends of Music – Spiteri Lucas Ent. Footlose – Yada Dance Company (2007), Sister Act – Teatru Rjal (2008), Welcome to Hollywood Live – Spiteri Lucas Ent. A Tribute to the Stars – Spiteri Lucas Ent. (2009), 25`A Filigree of Dance – Yada Dance Company, (2010), Musicals Alive, In Harmony, Dejjem Tagħna, Musicals Live, Best of the Musicals (2011), Animae Gospel Choir In Concert, Movies in Concert, [[Best of the Musicals 2, Night with Animae Gospel Choir for Christmas (2012).

Beside that she’ performed too in Dublin, Ireland when she went to rapresened Malta in the Eurovision Song Festival in 1997 with the song of Ray Agius, Let Me Fly, penned by Ray Agius, placing 9 th. place with 66 points.

Winner of the Sixteen Thirty Magazine Awards. For Best Singer and Personality (1998),South Pacific International Song Contest – Australia, Winning 1st place in the Dance Section and receiving the FIDOF Award for the Most promising Young Performer. In 2001 winning the Kasdav Award from Turkey for the Best Maltese Singer and in 2001 Universal Talent Festival in Prague.

In 1996/1998/2002 she got Concerts for Maltese Community around Community in Australia, also in 2002 in San Francisco,U.S.A., In 2004 in Toronto Canada and Michigan, U.S.A. In 2006 she took parti in Ohrid Song Contest in Macedonia winning the Best Performance Award, (2009-2010) Cyprus as a guest singer, while in 2010/2011 with fellow singer Mark Tonna they gave Concerts for the Maltese community around Australia.

Debbie Scerri

As cd albums Debbie release Born to Love (mini-album) feat. Singer Alexander Schembri (1995), Let me Fly (single & video) released in Europe, Asia and Let me Fly (single & video) released in Europe, Asia and Malta (1997), album Having You (1997), Era The Dance Show Featuring songs by Ray Agius, (1998), Album Tbissima (2002), South Pacific Song Contest `98 , Compilation Album, (Australia), Featuring as solo artist on various Compilations locally, Single & video Perfect Timing (2005), Video of song in Greek – Cypriot`To Mantato` (2009), T'agħnnieqa mingħand il-Maltin launched in Sydney Australia in collaboration with singer/songwriter Mark Tonna (2010/2011).

Beside a singer Debbie is a presenter and a good actress too and she presented many programs on diferenti TV Stations like (1994-1995) Qawsalla on Super 1 T.V. with Ray Azzopardi, (1996-1997) U Mela Le! on Super 1 T.V. with Ray Azzopardi, (1998) Sardinella – Childrens,` Song Contest on P.B.S, Lajf – Youth prog. – P.B.S. (1998), Ġel – Youth prog on P.B.S (1998-1999), (1999-2000) – Kif Int? – daily magazine prog.- Super 1 T.V., 2000: Pezzettini – daily – Super 1, 2000. On the House – Quiz – Super 1 T.V., 2000 Medik – Health prog. Feat. Various topics and specialists – Super 1 T.V (2000-2001) Tgħid Veru? – Illusions and Entertainment with Popular with Illusionist Vanni Pule` - P.B.S., (2001-2004) Flimkien and Sajf, Flimkien produced by Hermann Bonaci Productions for Super 1 T.V., (2002 – 2007) Mill-Vetrina Tagħna – produced by Crosscraft Co. Ltd for Super 1 TV, in (2003-2004) Secondary part in detective series L-Ispettur Lowell by Mark Doneo – Super 1 T.V, 2004 Main part in Il-Logħba’ from the thriller series Stejjer ta’ Wara t-tmienja by Tony Parnis – Super 1 T.V., (2008-2011) b`Xortik ma Robert - Produced by Crosscraft for One TV, (2008-2013) Sas-6pm on Net TV Produced by Spiteri Lucas Ent. (2013-2014) Sibt Familja on Net TV Produced by Spiteri Lucas Ent.



  • Born to Love (mini-album) feat. Singer Alexander Schembri(1995),
  • Having You (1997)
  • Era The Dance Show (1998)
  • South Pacific Song Contest(1998)
  • Tbissima (2000)
  • Tagħnnieqa mingħand il-Maltin launched in Sydney Australia in collaboration with singer/songwriter Mark Tonna 2010/2011)


  • Let me Fly (single & video) (1997)
  • Perfect Timing (Single & video) (2005)
  • To Mantato (Video) (2009)