Eyes to Argus

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Samwel Mallia (Guitar, vocals), Robert Farrugia (Keys, guitar), and Ben Mifsud Joslin (Bass, vocals) met up some time in 2013 with the desire to create ambient driven soundscapes. These jam sessions paved the way for the birth of Eyes to Argus. After some time tinkering and experimenting around these spacey textures, there arose the need for percussive elements, elements that Kristian Schembri (Drums, percussion) later offered upon joining in late 2015, adding new depth, groove and meaning to the sound and direction of the band.

Throughout its evolution, the band’s aim has always been the same; to think in terms of mood and atmosphere, rather than set genre. With influences being worked into the mix rather than imitated, the result blends into moments that flow across a spectrum, ranging from mellow, dreamy instances to other heavier, brooding ones.

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