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Eyes to Argus is a Maltese post-rock leaning band from H'Attard, Mosta and B'Kara active since 2012.

Eyes to Argus (2018) by White Noise


Eyes to Argus writes music in terms of mood and atmosphere, creating an eclectic mix of dreamy textures and dynamic grooves. The band’s sound is often described as experimental post-rock.

Born as a casual rooftop project in 2013 between Samwel (guitars, vocals), Robert (keyboards, guitar) and Ben (bass, vocals), Kristian (drums) would complete the line-up in 2015, adding a percussive depth to the sound.

In October 2017, Eyes to Argus released its debut album, VEER. The name was chosen to reflect the album’s recurring themes of indecision and longing.

2018 was an important year for Eyes to Argus. Following a positive response to VEER, the band was invited to share the stage with prolific foreign acts, including Mokadelic, Staghorn and Yndi Halda. It was also the year that Samuel Attard (drums) became the latest addition to the line-up. After an amicable parting with Kristian, Samuel was the obvious choice to fill the role – he was the man who recorded and produced VEER.

In May 2019, Eyes to Argus released a brand new single and first production-level music video, Microcosm.

In 2020, Eyes to Argus signed with Post. Recordings (Indianapolis, IN, US). Kicking off their collaboration was a re-release of the band’s 2019 single Microcosm, complete with a remaster and a fresh look.

In 2021, Eyes to Argus released Habitual, the first single from their upcoming new album 'in habit', slated for release later in 2021 through Post. Recordings.





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