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Chellcy Reitsma

Chellcy Reitsma was born on 30 January, 1976 in Visalia, California, USA. She's originally American of Dutch heritage and grew up in Califonia. She is a singer-songwriter, visual artist, and self-employed cultural manager (producing staged events, concerts, workshops, etc) for hire. She is married to Anthony Mifsud.

She has three university diploma’s: BA in Art History and a diploma of Gallery Practices from Humboldt State University, Arcata California and a BFA in Fine Art (painting, sculpture, drawing) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. She is also a retired professional dancer, having danced from 1979 -2016. She grew up in California and moved to Chicago,IL when she was 25 to continue her artistic studies.

Chellcy Reitsma

After graduating SAIC, Chellcy began to pursue a career in dance. She opened her own dance company touring, teaching and performing all over the world. In 2005, she brought a tour group to Malta where she also performed and taught workshops. She fell in love with Malta and the sponsor began bringing her over for tours one to two times yearly. By 2007 she had a second dance company in Malta and was managing both the Chicago and Malta locations. In 2009 she began a slow and painful immigration process to be in Malta. In 2011 she met her future Maltese husband and in 2013 they were married. Sadly due to injuries, Chellcy was forced to retire from dancing in 2016, but this afforded her to pursue another life long interest… singing and songwriting!

Over the years Chellcy had many introductory music and singing lessons, since childhood, via music camps, private lessons, and school classes. Primarily her exposure as an adult to music came from studying Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms to improve her dance knowledge. Now she can play finger cymbals and maracas at a professional level. Chellcy began writing her own songs in 2014 and started on-going weekly singing lessons in 2015 with Julie Pomorski at The Vocal Booth Studios. In May 2017, she had the pleasure of performing with, and for, Peter Paul Galea of Tribali and Norman Christina for Peter Paul’s “Philippines Students and Friends” charity benefit concert. She is also taking music and key board lessons with Geoffrey Thomas so that she can work on her own compositions. Since then Chellcy has released two singles “Blue” in 2016, and “The Three Of Us” in 2017 - produced by Beehive Studios MT. and will release her first EP, and music video, on the 1st of May, 2018 produced by Railway Studios MT.



2018 (Will be issued on 1 st of May 2018)
Black Water (2018) - Released 01.05.2018
Track Title Lyrics Composer Producer
01 Poem / narrative Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Railway Studios
02 She - man Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Railway Studios
03 Vixen Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Railway Studios
04 Black Water Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Railway Studios


Year Songs Lyrics Composer Producer Video
2016 Blue Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Beehive Studios (Click for Video)
2017 The Three Of Us Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Beehive Studios (Click for Video)
2018 Black Water Chellcy Reitsma Chellcy Reitsma Railway Studios [coming soon!] (Click for Video)]

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