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Klinsmann Coleiro

Klinsmann Coleiro was born in Paola on the 17th July, 1990. He is a Maltese male singer. Grewe in Santa Lucia. His father is a great fan of soccer, and in July 1990, when Klinsmann was born, a famous German soccer player, named Jürgen Klinsmann won the worldchampionship on 4 July and a few days before he made a big game.

And maybe this is the reason of the prename Klinsmann: Since the end of 2008 he lived in UK, Bournemouth and composed several songs for an album.

He started his singing career with the encouragement of his school's Music teacher who noticed his talent. In fact, when at last Klinsmann took his teacher's words seriously and started to sing on stage, he distinguished himself immediately in festivals such as Golden Singers festival, Junior Eurovision song contest, Drydocks Singer Contest, Star to Be and many more.

Klinsmann took part in many TV programs particularly as a resident singer in ShowTime with aceline which is one of the most popular local TV shows and The International singers festival in which he was chosen to sing 2 songs in the semi final. Klinsmann has been playing the classical guitar and the electric guitar for 5 years. He also learnt vocal training for classical music with Amadeus. He also joined Masquerade Theatre Arts School under the direction of Tony Bezzina and Veronica Bezzina and has taken part in three musicals during the last 3 years.

Klinsmann already has his own band which is called Klinsmann and the Beatboys. They play mostly pop to rock and alternative music. In the first edition of the Junior Song for Europe organized for Maltese children in 2003, Klinsmann participated with the song titled Where there's a Will and he was a finalist. In the edition of 2004 he took part with the song War Zone children and that year he placed 3rd. That year Klinsmann was also the winner of the FIDOF award for an outstanding performance.

Klinsmann was chosen for this award from amongst signers from all over the globe. In the third edition of the Junior Song for Europe in 2005 he took part with the song Time Is Running Out, The music and lyrics of his songs were all done by Klinsmann himself. In 2006 Klinsmann couldn't compete in the Junior Song for Europe because he was 16 years old, so he started working on some material with the help of some local and foreign composers and authors.

By that time in 2007 he made some original new material and then participated in the Eurovision song contest. He qualified to the semi-finals with 2 songs and then he not only qualified to the final 16 but went on to claim third place with the song She Gives Me Wings composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and written by Rita Pace. This is a great achievement for a ""youngster"" of 16 yrs old. Some of Klinsmann's aims in life are to win the Eurovision Song contest, to make a big hit in the Top 10 of the UK charts and to get a record deal with a music company. He really wishes to be managed by the right people in the music industry.

In Summer 2007 he released his 1st single Summer Fun and this was a hit and it was being shown on TV regularly. In Malta Song For Europe 2008 he started in Maltese qualifiing with 2 Songs, one is Superhero and the other one, Go. In the year 2009 he started once again in Maltese contest for ESC in Moscow, called Euro-Show-Box - the song Butterfly sky is the only "rock-pop song" in final on 07.02.09. (he is also the composer of the song) , but the jury have chosen Chiara (her third entry).

And in 2010 he tried once more to get the Maltese Eurosong-Ticket for Oslo. His song Her name was Anne started in the first of 3 semi-finals on 09.12.09. As one of the 20 best, he made it to the eurosong-final on 20.02.2010, but he did not get the ticket to Oslo. Its Thea Garrett, who won with her song My dream.