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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.

A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2015 was compiled by Toni Sant for his tenth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2015 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of nominees for 2015:
12th Ode Awakening Album
Aaron Benjamin One Moment Away Single
Acidulant Flash Series 01 Album
Airport Impressions Ballymena Sun Single
Airport Impressions Starsign Video
Akalé Wubé Anbessa Overseas
Alex Alden Ladybird Overseas
Alex Alden Darling Overseas
Andre Camilleri I Long For Silence Overseas
Anidroc Are You Kidding? Overseas
Ascendor Drive My Demons Away Album
Berne Conversation EP
Berne In the Woods Video
Billy Lee Struggle Online
Caravana Sun Ashes Overseas
Carrie Haber Satellite Overseas
Chess Battles / Wait Overseas
Chris & Moira Beautiful World Video
Christabelle Curmi Bizzilla Album
Cinnamon War So Cold Single
Chorus Urbanus Lux Album
Claire Tonna Every Step is a Kiss Online
Claudia Faniello Miles Away Video
ClubMurder Derailed Video
Colourblind Timbru Online
Counting Clouds You Know Overseas
Cryptic Street Stranger EP
Curmudgeon LIMB Album
Cygna Ix-Xitan Kunjomu Malti Online
Dana McKeon Halcyon Overseas
Danjeli Qabbad Ħa Jfuħ Online
Danjeli El Online
Dean Muscat Fables Video
Destiny Chukunyere Not My Soul Single
Digby Rhyme Lord Video
Divine Sinners Losers Rule Album
Divine Sinners Bye, Bye, Napoleon Video
DJ Pioneer& TJ feat. Dana McKeon Circles Overseas
Dolls For Idols 1985 EP
Dolls For Idols Berlin Video
Draugul Chronicles Untold Overseas
Dominic Galea Moħġaġa Album
Dripht Green Dub Single
Duncan Agius Along the Way Online
Electronic Music Malta In Aid of Nepal. Album
Empire of the Ants Stay With Me Overseas
Eversity Silent Giant Video
Fabrizio Faniello Walking Back Home Online
Fallen Icon North of Nowhere EP
Federica Human Overseas
Footprints Backbench Album
Footprints Lose Myself Single
For Strings Inn Tangerine Rock Video
Forty Days of Rain Everything You Want Single
Forty Days of Rain Stay Video
Fr Rob Galea Get Up Again Overseas
Freddie Portelli Blue Sea Bay Album
Funk Initiative Cartographers Album
Funk Initiative Two Police Cars and an Ambulance Single
Funk Initiative I Pray My Soul is Saved, But I Guess It’s Damned Video
Fuzzhoneys Doors Video
Gresha Dreamers Single
Hannah Brown Kicking Down the Wall Video
Il-Mic Għalik Online
Ira Losco Dead or Alive Video
Jack's Fusion Electric Video
Jane Doe Bury Single
Jasmar Cassar Just Be Video
Joe Roscoe Scratching the Surface Album
John Galea I Am a Survivor Overseas
Johnny Vincent & Rikki Lee 2 Hot 2 Handle Single
Jon Lukas Woodenman Secrets Overseas
Kafena Lukanda Propaganda Album
Kapitlu Tlettax Nissokta b’Risposta Online
Kapitlu Tlettax Warda Fuq il-Qabar Single
Kassette Ty Online
Kersten Graham Close to Home Video
Khaospath Synagoga Obscura Overseas
Kid Crisis Insomnia Album
Kiyomi Vella Eternal Dream Overseas
KNTRL Night Shifts Online
Krishna Domination 3 (live) Album
Lauren Aquilina Ocean Overseas
Lixxu Little Black Riding Hood Online
Lucy's Last The Otherside Video
Lucy's Last Pious Single
Lucy's Last Syllabus of Errors EP
Luke Azzopardi No Rest for the Wise Online
Lyndsay Pace Sick Day Single
Mana Tapu Timpana EP
Mana Tapu Kanta r-Rima Video
Manwel T Boombastic Ska / Irie Online
Marmalja Demm Ġdid Album
Marmalja Pressjoni Video
Massacre House Party If It's Popular It's Not Cool EP
Matthew Attard Il-Kalakku Ħolma tal-Passat Online
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Satellite Overseas
Microlith Hello 307 EP
Mikaela I'm Never Around Me Online
Mind's Eye Dub Nature's Dub / Say Something Online
Miriana Conte Reality Video
Mrs Smith Blamin God Overseas
Murphy Made in Gozo Album
Muxu Take You Home Video
Mykill feat. Kurt Calleja Waiting in the Sun Video
Nadine Axisa Stormy Night Video
Neil l-Urugan Introduzzjoni Online
nosnow/noalps Kaleidoscopes Video
nosnow/noalps Fight It Video
nosnow/noalps Disappear Video
Payloader Built for Robots and Most Believers Overseas
Phobics Phobics EP
Planet Seed Follow Me Video
R.A.S. Reżistenza Album
Rachel Fabri Forever Yours Album
Raquel Galdes Stop Haunting Me Video
Relikc It's Not Misspelt EP
Relikc Sharon Kaydee Video
Remember Nothing Change Video
Renzo Spiteri Anima/Animus Album
Rikki Lee Naughty Girls Video
RiSE Simple Life Video
Robert Farrugia & 天 Phosphenes EP
Robert G + Duncan Agius No More Online
Saħħar Kruha u Kefrija Album
Sammy Mungo Sammy's Swing Album
Sempliċiment Tat-Triq Ħadd Mhu Illegali Online
Stefan Galea Escape Online
Stimulus Timbre Life’s Most Wonderful Place Album
Tact Brushworks Album
The Busker Percussion Song Online
The Cosmic Sect Rent A Starship EP
The Crowns Mary Jane Video
The Madhatters Another Toy on the Shelf Video
The New Victorians Seeker Seeker Album
The New Victorians Seeker Seeker Single
The New Victorians Keep Me In Love Video
The Ranch Cuckoo Island Album
The Velts Foreigner Single
Thea Saliba Do It Again Single
Toby & Brendan Jackson Forever Video
Toby Farrugia De Soleil Single
TroffaĦamra y los mechones ¡Oh Tragedy-me! Overseas
Umanimmali feat. L-Urugan Arti Vokali Online
Various L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2015 Album
Walrus and the Carpenter Old Soul's Time Overseas
WaterWings Flesh, Bones & Spirits EP
Weeping Silence Opus IV Oblivion Album
Wayne Camilleri White Flower Video
Winter Moods The Journey Album
Winter Moods Flowers and Cash Video
Winter Moods Happy Single
Xarulu Grand Paris Video

Top Picks

Voting was open between 18 December 2015 and 20 January 2016 at

A total of 2,963 votes were submitted, which were subdivided into each category (in order of popularity):

Top Music Video: 642
Top Online Release: 356
Top Album: 761
Top Overseas-based Artist: 305
Top Single: 402
Top EP: 474

The top 5 vote receivers in each category are indicated below.


761 votes were received in this category. see details

  • Kafena - Lukanda Propaganda (156 votes) - 20.5%


402 votes were received in this category. see details


474 votes were received in this category. see details

  • WaterWings - Flesh, Bones & Spirits (102 votes) - 21.5%
  • Berne - Conversation (35) - 7.4%

Online Releases

356 votes were received in this category. see details

  • KNTRL - Night Shifts (36) - 10.1%

Music Videos

204 votes were received in this category. see details


305 votes were received in this category. see details

Opinion Stage used for voting on this poll, which was designed by QUE Design Studio.

The 2015 Listener's Top Picks were announced during Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast number 434, which was released on Saturday 9 January 2016. <flashmp3 id="1"></flashmp3>

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