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Destiny Chukunyere

Destiny Chukunyere was born on 29 August 2002 in Pietà. She is the daughter of the famous Nigerian footballer Ndubisi Chukunyere who has played with Hibernians and Valletta FC.

Destiny is a currently a student at Our Lady Immaculate School in Ħamrun. She has been singing for the past three years and is being tutored by Institute for Vocal Advancement Instructor Maria Abdilla; apart from her passion towards singing, Destiny loves acting too.

She has participated in various singing competitions and her talent has always been recognized as she emerged triumphant by winning first places and also winning the overall in others. One of the competitions Destiny took part in was the Singer Stage International Festival which included participants from seven different countries. In this competition, Destiny won the best interpretation award and also won the overall Grand Prix.

One of Destiny’s big achievements included her win in the Sanremo Junior Malta 2014 where she won the right to represent Malta in Sanremo for the International Grand Finals in the Ariston Theatre in May. There she was accompanied live by the symphonic orchestra of Sanremo under the direction of Mro Ten. Col. Leonardo Lasserra Ingross and under the patronage of Cav. Uff. Paolo Alberti. She competed against different countries but she emerged victorious for Malta by winning the overall Grand Prix of the 5th edition of this competition.

Destiny is always on the lookout for a challenge and in September 2014 she had the opporunity to participate in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza Junior with her first original track ‘Festa T’Ilwien’ which is written by Emil Calleja Bayliss to Mark Spiteri Lucas composition. This also happened to be the first time Destiny was singing a song in Maltese and she managed to achieve third place in this prestigious song festival, quite a feat for the young performer.

Later on, Destiny also managed to win the ‘Singer of the Year’ in a competition organized by ErSeb Productions and by virtue of winning the competition she won the right to represent Malta in FYR of Macedonia in October of 2014. Her participation in the ‘Asterix Original Song Festival’ was another success as she emerged victorious with her original entry ‘Live & Let Live’, once again penned by Emil Calleja Bayliss and composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas. The festival itself is well known in Eastern Europe as many know it as the Junior Eurovision of the East, in fact there were fifteen countries competing.

Destiny Chukunyere winning the Malta Junior Eurovision 2015

After this experience, another opportunity came knocking on Destiny’s door when she auditioned for ‘Next Generation’ on Sky Italia, after passing the audition stage, Destiny went on to compete in the finals where she managed yet another victory. Thanks to this she had the opportunity to sing in a big concert in Verona.

Representing Malta in the Junior Eurovision has always been something Destiny aspired and wished to do. In July, she was amongst one of the twenty finalists in the Malta Junior Eurovision; once again she managed to triumph amongst some of Malta’s best talents and thus winning the right to represent Malta in the 2015 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Bulgaria.

Destiny Chukunyere

Destiny worked alongside the winning song writing team Elton Zarb and Muxu (Matt Mercieca) to create her Junior Eurovision entry ‘Not My Soul’. The song was well received from the get go and she ended up winning the of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 edition in Bulgaria with a record of 185 points which included the top points from eight countries and also managing to win the kids jury.In this edition 17 countries took part in this prestigious competition and it is notable to say that this was the highest score ever achieved in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which started back in 2003.

Destiny keeps on thriving to better herself and she is well focused on her career. She has a number of upcoming events planned both locally and also beyond our shores. Her outgoing, bubbly and kind hearted and determined character helps her in many ways. Her dream is to continue improving within her area of expertise and hopes that one day she becomes a great music artist.

The piano has always been an instrument which fascinates Destiny and in fact she is looking forward in starting lessons in the near future because she knows that this will help her further her music knowledge. For her young age, Destiny is very mature and knows that in order for one to succeed in this industry one needs to sacrifice a lot, work hard and always strive in being better whilst staying firmly grounded which can easily be considered her life motto.



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