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Colourblind were formed around 1998 by brothers Alistair (Guitars) and Shaun Galea (Drums & Percussions), which were later joined by Paul SKY (Vocals) who at the time played drums and violin and happened to rent a rehearsal space a few meters away from them. Keyboardist Etienne and Bassist Adriano joined the band a little later and Colourblind was born. Individually all band members derive their inspirations and ideas from a vast array of diverse artists and musicians and this was maybe the determining factor in forging their unique style of progressive/AOR style.

Not much has changed from back then apart from James joining forces with the band in 2006 after the departure of Adriano, yet there is one major realization which can maybe only come through experience, as a legendary musician once said “It’s not the notes you play it’s the spaces between them that matter”. With this in mind the band still plays technical progressive music but never to the expense of the groove or melody of a song. Thus although the signature progressive elements are still there they are much harder to trace since much care is taken in the selection and placing so as to make their style of music a bit more accessible and ear friendly! In 2008 the band started to work on their first full length album and started to experiment adding a female voice ‘JoZi’ to add harmony to their vocals and in 2009 the album ‘Spectre’ was released and given the results expect to hear and see more of JoZi in the band.

Change is an inevitable part of life, one can choose to fight a battle lost before it has even began, or embrace it and take on the new challenges it brings. The departure of Etienne in 2010 from the band has presented to the band a new challenge and they decided to take it with a renewed sense of adventure, exploring new ideas and musicians on the way and though we don't know exactly what will happen we are sure you can find us where the music takes us!

In 2012 the band has once again to face another challenge as James and JoZi decide to part ways from the band for personal reasons, yet another challenge for Colourblind and another new adventure. In June 2012 the problem of the bassist has been solved, Dean Montanaro has filled the position and the band is really happy with the new addition.

In January 2012 the band entered their studio with one thing in mind, a new album. A couple of bumps along the way and some important appearance bot locally and abroad meant that the band new material had to wait, altghough Colourblind managed to release the 'Broken Dreams' EP in November. After a few more shows, (notably - The Generator Festival and Prog The Islands 3), in late 2012 the band are back in the recording studios and work is again on route, going at full blast.

The band line up in the present days is:


2001 Forever Lost (EP) 2003 Paper Planes (Demo) (included in the Project Reaching Out compilation 2003) 2009 Spectre 2012 Broken Dreams (EP)