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Planet Seed is an alternative pop rock band from Malta.

Orignal Members

Planet Seed is an alternative rock band comprising Klinsmann Coleiro (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Kurt Scerri (drums, percussion), Liam Spiteri (bass guitar) and Stefan Farrugia (lead guitar). Before forming the band Klinsmann and Liam had been colleagues at work, working in adjacent rooms to each other. The band was soon joined by Stefan, former drummer Chris Galea & former keyboard player Etienne Scicluna.

Early in 2012, Planet Seed hit the radios with their debut single It's Gonna Be Ok and immediately made an impact by hitting No.1 on the Malta Top 10 charts for 4 consecutive weeks. Planet Seed got nominated in the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards for the best newcomers of 2012.

In 2013, Planet Seed released their second single Want You To Know. There was a slight change with this single from previous releases; this was more of a rock ballad number. However this still made an impact with the Planet Seed Followers cause it got massive airplay and topped number 1 Bay Radio charts for 3 weeks. Chris & Etienne left the band, due to personal circumstances at the time. Klinsmann, Liam and Stefan were the only remaining founding members. Soon after recording new material and some work in the studio they met Kurt Scerri who auditioned for the drummer part and joined the band.

Lead Vocalist / Guitarist - Klinsmann Has been singing and playing the guitar for the past 9 years getting experience through prestigious music festivals and international singing contests all over Europe. He is majorly influenced by Coldplay, Life House, 30 Seconds To Mars and Green Day

Bass Player - Liam has been playing as long as he could remember since he was inspired by his father who had his own band in the 70`s. He is influenced by Led Zeppelin and Audio Slave

Lead Guitarist - Stefan has been playing the guitar for the past 20 years getting inspired by the likes of Muse, and Motley Crew

Drummer - Kurt, has been playing the drums since the age of 10. He is influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters and Placebo.

Planet Seed has been practicing day in day out at their garage. They have been focusing to launch themselves in the music business by getting to the public with their meaningful songs through personal experiences.

Present Line-Up

The present Planet Seed line-up is


Planet Seed is a metaphor planet as in the Music business which is a massive market and the Seed Resembles the band members themselves who are on the massive planet trying to grow and reach out to the world.

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