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Christabelle Curmi (born 13 November 1968 Sydney, Australia) is a Maltese singer from Floriana.The eldest of two siblings, she started her singing career at the age of seven with the Floriana St Publius SATB voices choir run by Dun Pawl Camilleri and the late Sr. Leonina Chircop.

With a background in theatre and a remarkable track record spanning various musical genres, from pop and operettas to blues and folk, Christabelle Curmi has honed her craft onstage as well as on radio and TV. Along the years she has worked with various theatrical companies in plays and musicals and has been involved in some of Malta's TV milestone productions, among them the notorious Ahn'Ahna jew Mahniex? singing with the group Brown Rice.

Despite her experience, Christabelle Curmi still seeks to develop her talents further and has gotten more deeply involved in music in recent years. For several years she has been the lead vocalist for the PAUL CURMI DANCERS folk troupe and regularly performs with this group in International Folk Festivals abroad namely Germany, south and north of Spain, Canada, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria. In 2009 she placed second in the prestigious Għanja tal-Poplu, accompanied by composer/author Frank O'Neill, with the song Irrid ngħix il-Poezija, and in 2010 participated again with the song Hemm Dawl. In October 2010 she performed at the Royal Albert Hall with The Mediterranean Voices at The Beatles Philharmonic Tribute concert directed by Mro. Alan Chircop, an unforgettable experience.

On 15 th.March, 2014 Christabelle particepated in the 38th Edition of the Festival Għanja tal-Poplu and finish in the Second place when she sing together with Frank O'Neill the song 'Kif ħadtuli il-Menti' lyrics and composor by Frank O'Neill.

For the future Christabelle Curmi is planning to launch her folk music cd Bizzilla.

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