TroffaHamra y los Mechones

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TroffaHamra uy los Mechones

TroffaHamra y los Mechones is a folk pop fusion band led by Maltese Ruth Abela musician in Barcelona since 2010.

The band was formed when Abela arrived in Barcelona in 2010 with the aim of creating her own band to perform her own song.

In June 2010 I have decided to go and spend 6 months out in Spain, Barcelona for the first two months, I had to work , and do Physiotherapy in a hospital and then the other four months spend them travelling around Spain. But I loved Barcelona and I felt comfortable immediately. I began to meet with many musicians and started trapping much inspiration, and so have decided to go Barcelona extend the time.

Although previously known in the alternative Maltese music scene as sax and clarinette player, Abela sings and plays guitar with this band. Other members are MThe other members of the group are: Maria Puertas Malagarriga on tuba, Eloi Vidal on trumpet, Feliu Ribera drums and percussion, and Rafa Buzon Velazquez who plays electric guitar. They are all from Barcelona.

The band started playing around Barcelona, bars, festivals (Barcelona Live Music Festival, 2013), The band fuses together different styles from classic to rock and jazz, based on the members individual training and preferences. The style of the band moves on the borders between reggae, bossa nova, ska, and all the influences that TroffaHamra found along the way, recently also Spanish music influences.

TroffaHamra (literally: red lock of hair) is a reference to a touch of red dye in Abela hairstyle.

Their debut album I Hate You For That was released on 17 February 2013 via Bandcamp. Drummer Mark Abela ż-Żiżża and Andreas Kyriakou (playing cajon and percussions) rather than Feliu Ribera appear on the recording.

The second album will be launch on 27 th March 2014 Todo es más bonito – Let's Go.

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