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Fiona Cauchi

Fiona Cauchi was born on 19 Dicember, 1977 at Blue Sisters, St Julian’s, brought up in l-Imsida, and now lives in Birkirkara.

Singer and Guitarist specialising in Wedding Mass Music. A vast repertoire especially designed for a meaningful Wedding Mass to remember

A stool in the middle of the stage, an acoustic guitar, microphone on stand and a singer, somewhat shy, is the first impression you get of Maltese singer Fiona Cauchi, known by many simply as Fiona.

Fiona is a singer and guitarist who usually be associated with music festivals or better with Country Rock. Indeed it was precisely the festivals that put to Fiona at positions that people become aware and festivals them, she was honored by FIDOF (Federacion Internacional de las organizaciones del festival) as the most promising Artist scene English in 2001.

The singer, known also for having taken everyone by surprise when she appeared on stage singing on a motorcycle in the Malta Song for Europe Festival in 2002, is generally associated more with these kind of festivals and particularly with country rock music.

Fiona Cauchi

She also placed third in the Malta International TV Song Festival 2007with the song Lilek Habbejt lyrics by Fleur Balzan and music by Paul Giordimaina. She represented Malta in Bulgaria and successfully returned with a coveted 2nd place in Discovery Festival 2008. She take part in Konkors Kanzunetta Independenza alone. and even with Nadine Axisa and other local festivals.

Since Wedding Mass Music is her speciality, she was asked by the Birgu Local Council to represent Malta as part of the European co-funded project "Oralities", in a concert which took place in the City of Ourense, in Spain, between the 3rd and 6th of April, 2009.

Fiona is best found in her favourite scenario; that of singing unplugged to her own accompaniment on guitar and is always increasing her repertoire of local traditional songs. She takes great pride in dedicating quality time to plan the Wedding Mass Songs with the Bride and Groom beforehand, to ensure they have a selection of songs which they are happy with, and which suit their Big Day best.

Weddings for me are an intimate moment where I lend my voice to the couple getting married, and give colour and expression to the happiest day of their lives.

On the 9 November 2013 Fiona took part in the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 2013 and finished with the song Għadek Tgħix music by Renato Briffa and lyrics of Mark Amaira, beside that he get the Mro Anthony Chircop Award:




  • Xejn Differenza
  • Kull Fejn Tkun Inti
  • Same Time Tomorrow
  • Agħmel Kuraġġ Żagħżugħ
  • Stilel Tal-Ħolm
  • Merżuq
  • All I Need
  • One-Way Love
  • Heaven In My Life
  • Hide And Seek
  • Words Of Love (duet with Nadine Axisa)
  • Int U Jien (duet with Mario Ellul)
  • Lilek Ħabejt

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