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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.


A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2020 was compiled by Toni Sant for his fifteenth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2020 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2020.

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of 2019 nominees :
Aidan Somebody Like You Video [non-Maltese language]
Airport Impressions Why Are We Here Video [non-Maltese language]
Alexandra Alden Candles Overseas
Alexandra Alden Pilgrim (Jim Hickey remix) Overseas
Alexandra Alden Pilgrim Overseas
Amber Free (Nanna's Song) Video [non-Maltese language]
Andre Camilleri Goodbye (for Alex Cali) Overseas
Andre Camilleri This Train I'm Riding Overseas
Angelcrypt Dawn Of The Emperor Album
Angelcrypt Martyred Soul Video [non-Maltese language]
Antoni Grimaud Lockdown Blues Overseas
Ascendor Circle of Violence Album
Ascendor Silver Bullett Video [non-Maltese language]
Austin Engerer I Can't Breathe Online
Bahjat You Got That (Hometown Smile) Overseas
Bahjat Halba Overseas
Bark Bark Disco & Joon Another Play Video [non-Maltese language]
Beesqueeze It Won't Matter Video [non-Maltese language]
Beesqueeze Say You Do Video [non-Maltese language]
Ben Bailey Better Days EP
Ben Bailey Memories Video [non-Maltese language]
Ben Bailey Candles Video [non-Maltese language]
Brikkuni Il-Ħajja Il-Mewt In-Nisa Album
Brikkuni Il-Lupu ma Jibdilx il-Pil Video bil-Malti
Brikkuni Jum il-Missier Video bil-Malti
Brikkuni Fomm ir-Riħ Video bil-Malti
Buzu Irkotta Gang Video bil-Malti
Cel & Sacco Coffee & Nicotine Online
Charles Muscat il-Paletti Aħjar Ġibna Tnejn Biex Jagħnnu (2020 remix) Online
Charlton Mintoff Oħra Online
Chellcey Reitsma feat. Edward Mifsud Desolate Days Video [non-Maltese language]
Chellcy Reitsma Cross the Line Video [non-Maltese language]
Chess Galea Ceciliana Overseas
Chess Galea Bad Liar Overseas
CitizenOne Tama Online
Claudia Faniello Say Video [non-Maltese language]
ClubMurder Massacre Masterpiece Album
ClubMurder Monster Video [non-Maltese language]
Daniel Sant Poznan Online
Dav.Jr Just Dancing Online
Dav.Jr & Matt Blxck Maria Video [non-Maltese language]
David & the Elites Ħu Ħsieb, Moħħok Hemm Video bil-Malti
David Schembri A Christmas Lament (Oh Shit It's Christmastime Again) Online
Debrii w/Martina + Maria Cini Home Video [non-Maltese language]
Different Minds Across the Borderline Video [non-Maltese language]
Different Strings Ten Dollar Love Album
Digby L-Abbuż u l-Maħfra Video bil-Malti
Digby feat. Kapitlu Tlettax L-Imħabba Video bil-Malti
Diggerthings feat. Blaze Bailey Three Days of Judgement Video [non-Maltese language]
DiggerThings feat. Kersten Graham Broz Video [non-Maltese language]
Dr Lynn Treading on Eggshells Video [non-Maltese language]
Drakard Fil-Pjazza tar-Raħal Video bil-Malti
Eddie Fresco The Devil Was My Uber Driver Video [non-Maltese language]
Eliana Gomez Blanco + Rita Pace Viva l-Maltin Video bil-Malti
Enya Magri Summer Lights Video [non-Maltese language]
Eremiti Għaliex Int? Video bil-Malti
Etnika Lura Video bil-Malti
Fattima Mahdi Mama Video [non-Maltese language]
Fattima Mahdi feat. Alias 1 Life Video [non-Maltese language]
Feds Twenty Twenty Overseas
Fishcult Malta Video bil-Malti
Fr Rob Galea 3AM Overseas
Gaby Bonello Church Bells Overseas
Gaia Cauchi Over You Video [non-Maltese language]
Ġenn Duda Dance Video [non-Maltese language]
Gilbert Gauci Breathe Video [non-Maltese language]
Hearts Beating In Time Simone's Video [non-Maltese language]
Hooli Fatum Video bil-Malti
Il Walker Send or End Them Overseas
Il-Lapes Mument ta' Silenzju Video bil-Malti
Il-Lapes feat. Petra Z Riflessjoni Video bil-Malti
Janice Mangion Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi Video bil-Malti
Jean Claude Vancell Kiss Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Jessica Magro Break the Silence Video [non-Maltese language]
Jim Hickey Love in Rewind Overseas
Joe Demicoli Kwarantina 2020 Online
Jon Lukas Woodenma Destination Street Overseas
Jon Lukas Woodenman Done Fighting Overseas
Joon Watch the Sky Video [non-Maltese language]
Joon E.T. Video [non-Maltese language]
Joon & Bark Bark Disco Til the End Video [non-Maltese language]
Juno Valdez This Is Your Life (Steve Vee Remix) Online
[[Juno Valdez feat. [[David Cassar Torreggiani] + Toby]] This Is Your Life Video [non-Maltese language]
Kapitlu Tlettax Freestyle 2020 Online
Kapitlu Tlettax Memorji Video bil-Malti
Kapitlu Tlettax Nibqa' Niġġieled Video bil-Malti
Kapitlu Tlettax Mhux Illum Video bil-Malti
Kapitlu Tlettax Viva Malta Video bil-Malti
Karin Duff Silly Little Game Video [non-Maltese language]
Karl Schembri Closer Video [non-Maltese language]
Karm Debattista mssp Of Dust and Glory Overseas
Kayati Fake Video [non-Maltese language]
Kersten Graham The Blues Online
Kersten Graham Maybe Someday Video [non-Maltese language]
Krhyme Rima SpontGħanja Online
Krhyme Mill-Ġuf Sat-Tebut Video bil-Malti
Krhyme Mst Sa Mill-Ewwel Ġurnata Online
Kym Kun Album
Kym Pepe Zoltan Video bil-Malti
Lauren Aquilina Bad People Overseas
Lex Happy Without You Online
Lorenzo Scalici Una foglia nel vento Video [non-Maltese language]
Lori Glori & Melchior Sultana Let Me Go Video [non-Maltese language]
Luke Cieca A Place We Were Good Video [non-Maltese language]
Lyndsay Fighter Video [non-Maltese language]
Lyndsay Pace Taxi Man Video [non-Maltese language]
Man and White Hate Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Manatapu Tell Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Marilyn Aquilina Jien u Int Video bil-Malti
Mario Debono Noli Album
Mario Debono Noli Video bil-Malti
Mathematikal Star Like Mine Video [non-Maltese language]
Matthew James How We Used To Online
Matthew James Road Trip Video [non-Maltese language]
Matthew James feat. Ira Losco In the Rain Video [non-Maltese language]
Meadowstrings Tbexbex Video bil-Malti
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Good Days Bad Days Overseas
Melchior Sultana Are You Listening Album
Melchior Sultana feat. Mark Harrison Sound of the City Video [non-Maltese language]
Michela Agius All the Way Video [non-Maltese language]
Micimago Do It Right Video [non-Maltese language]
Midgenuun Poisoning the Well Overseas
Mikaela Nocturne In Red Album
Mikaela Bring Me Blood Video [non-Maltese language]
Miriam Christine Dil-Mara Online
Miriam Christine Kuraġġ Video bil-Malti
Mistura MMXX Album
Mistura Ma Niflaħx Online
Mistura Nifs Online
Mteam Love Video [non-Maltese language]
Mteam Are You With Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Mteam 1991 Video [non-Maltese language]
Nadine Ciao Baby Video [non-Maltese language]
Nadine Axisa Iż-Żmien Għaddej Video bil-Malti
Niko Bjarnason Quarantine Dream Overseas
Owen Leuellen My Time Video [non-Maltese language]
Oxygyn Wicked White Lies Video [non-Maltese language]
Oxygyn Venom Video [non-Maltese language]
Pamela + Glen + Angela Ersaq Qrib Video bil-Malti
Paul Spiteri l-Fiku feat. Joseph Mallia Prima Donna Video bil-Malti
Pete Molinari feat. Jakob Dylan Waiting for a Train Overseas
Philip Vella 60+ Album
Philip Vella Pa Online
Philip Vella Ġenna u Infern Video bil-Malti
Philip Vella Rajt Raġel Video bil-Malti
Rea X'inhu Sippost Video bil-Malti
Red Electrick Dangerous Online
Red Electrick Come Alive Video [non-Maltese language]
Red Electrick X Luke Chappell Christmas Time With You Video [non-Maltese language]
Relikc Hate That I Love You Video [non-Maltese language]
Rem Għajnuna t'Għajn Video bil-Malti
Rheez. Chanel Video [non-Maltese language]
Rheez. Step In Video [non-Maltese language]
Robert G & the Different Minds A Reason to Live Video [non-Maltese language]
Saħħar Tiġrif il-Ġnus Album
Saħħar Elf Qurriegħa għal Elf Mejjet f'Mitt Qamar Online
Sandrina Love You Not Video [non-Maltese language]
Scar Never Enough Online
Sempliċiment tat-Triq Hardcore come la Ftira Online
Sempliċiment tat-Triq Divina Video bil-Malti
Sempliċiment tat-Triq Imbierek Video bil-Malti
Seqer Malti Fi Kwarantina Video bil-Malti
Shismu The Hills Video [non-Maltese language]
Sound Synthesis Analog Soul Album
Sporry X Kappun Fast Video bil-Malti
SterjoTipi Urini Video bil-Malti
Superlove L-Aħħar Jum ta' Vaganza Overseas
Superlove Ħadtilna Overseas
The Busker X Matthew James Just A Little Bit More Video [non-Maltese language]
The Clintess CLINTESS6 Album
The Clintess We All Need Love Video [non-Maltese language]
The Clintess For You Dad Video [non-Maltese language]
The Crowns Why I Love You Video [non-Maltese language]
The Myth Tonight Online
The New Victorians Second to None Video [non-Maltese language]
The Suburbanite Slave to the Rave Online
The Travellers X'inhu l-Milied Għalik? Video bil-Malti
Todamusica Worlds Apart Online
Tom Caruana Northern Lights Overseas
Tricia Dawn Williams 5 Measures Out Online
Upper Lip What Makes You Smile Video [non-Maltese language]
Upper Lip Keep Going Video [non-Maltese language]
Victoria Sciberras One Thing Video [non-Maltese language]
Wayne Camilleri Morning Dance Video [non-Maltese language]
X-Tend Kemm Nixtieq Video bil-Malti
Żabel Biblical Overseas
Żabel I'll Have You Remember Overseas

Top Picks

Voting is open throughout the month of January 2021 at where votes are submitted across the following categories:

Top Album / EP
Top Music Video (bil-Malti)
Top Music Video (non-Maltese language)
Top Online Release
Top Overseas-based Artist

The top 5 vote receivers in each category will be indicated below, when the voting ends.

Top Album / EP

Top Music Video [bil-Malti]

Top Music Video [non-Maltese language]

Top Online Release

Top Overseas-based

The Crowd Signal service is used for voting on this poll.

Voting is open throughout the month of January 2021 at

Results will be announced in February 2021 through the Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

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