Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 1982

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The Second Edition of Festival Internazzjoni tal-Kanzunetta Maltija – 1982. After the success of the Festival last year, The committee from the section of The Ministry of Labour, Culture and Social Assistance is organizer this second International Festival of Maltese Song, under the Minister Dr. Alex Sciberras Trigona and under the auspices of Miss Agatha Barbara , President of the Republic of Malta.

There where 95 submissions and in the first eliminatory was chose 12 songs, that was classified in three categories.

Category A, for composers Under 30 years. Category B for composers over 30 years. Category C consist with a Social theme .

Four songs in each one, and from each one must select the best one from each category. This means that from this year there where three winners from the three categories and the priezes where all the same for every winner.


The Festival was spread on two days between Thursday 25 March, 1982 and Friday 26 March, 1982. And was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre at Valletta.

From these year there was an expect of high level, especially after their where new arrangement from foreigners composers. All of the singers sang live with a 50 piece Orchestra under Mro. Anthony Chircop and Mro. Joseph Sammut.

The Festival also was view on MTV under the direction of Joe Galea Tickets prices for the Festival, for the two nights , were Lm 2 and Lm 2.50. The show began at 7.00pm and after the show there where transport for everywhere.

In the First day of the Festival all the Maltese were present, and the foreigners singers from eleven different countries sung them in their own language. On this day all of the singers where judge by an expert jury composed by foreigner and Maltese in the Music scene.

Singers and Songs of Section A

Here are the 4 Maltese Songs in Section A featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music Foreigner Singer Country'
01 Mary Rose Mallia Jekk Trid il-Ħena Francis Falzon Raymond Cremona Bernardette Waelle Switzerland
02 Joe Cutajar L-Isbaħ Kopjja Dominic Galea Dominic Galea Francisco Jose Spain
03 Renato Micallef Kuljum Jisbaħ Biex Jiġbidni Lejk Margaret Agius Margaret Agius Kamela Todorova Bulgaria
04 Incorvaja Twins Imħabba Godwin Cachia Godwin Cachia Lajos Turi Hungary

Singers and Songs of Section B

Here are the 4 Maltese Songs in Section B featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music Foreigner Singer Country'
01 Tony Camilleri & Frank O'Neill Naħseb Biss Fik Frank O'Neill Frank O'Neill Stefano Sani Italy
02 Marisa Vella Tajjeb Li Tkun Taf Joseph Abela Joseph Abela Suzie Ritz England
03 Mary Spiteri Jekk Trid Doreen Galea Sammy Galea Marcela Laiderova Czechoslovakia
04 Ralph Dougall & John B. Dougall Min Mindu Rajtek Ralph Dougall Ralph Dougall Meta Mocnik Yugoslavia

Singers and Songs of Section C

Here are the 4 Maltese Songs in Section C featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music Foreigner Singer Country'
01 Bayzo Mużika, Mużika Alfred C. Sant Paul Abela Ben Cramer Holland
02 Doreen Galea Fl-Imħabba Magħqudin Renato Micallef Godwin Cachia Tom Foster Germany
03 Mario Genovese & Joe Carr Sħab Joe Carr Mario Genovese Rosaella Capprioli Italy
04 Catherine Vigar Fejn Hemm L-Għaqda Tony Gauci Tony Gauci Dickie Ireland

  • Section A the song in english was named ‘Show Me The Way To Happiness
  • Section C the song in english was named ‘Musik is Lieden’

Second Day of The Festival

On this Second day it was announced the winners, and the songs was sung in Maltese and in the foreigner language, beside this the forigner singers , sung another song from there repertoire


The members of the Jury who selected the winner songs were from different counties lead by Profs. Armando Moreno General secretary of FIDOF

The Winners

Here are the Winners 3 Maltese Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music
01 Mary Rose Mallia Jekk Trid Il-Hena Frances Falzon Raymond Cremona
02 Mary Spiteri Jekk Trid Doreen Galea Sammy Galea
03 Bayzo Muzika, Muzika Alfred C. Sant Alfred C. Sant


As a prizes all got the same Lm 400 for the composer and Lm 100 for the singer beside this they win the Ċippus trophy and also the others taken part got the Ċippus Trophy as a recognition prize. This was designe by Ino Bonello. Near the ċippus a musical instrument, the Maltese pound and are united together dsawn laurel wreath symbol of winning. While the others composed take Lm 50 and Lm 20 for each singer.


On Friday 26 March, 1982 was draw a big lottery with the first prize of a car Honda Civic 3 Door who participated in it those who guest on of the three winning songs. The second prize was a journey for two persons for Awstralia with return and for this lottery all the except the winner of the first prize.

Festival Comperes

The Presenters of this Second Edition of the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija – 1982 where Norman Hamilton and Maria Camilleri, while veteran Victor Aquilina open the Festival.