Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003

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After almost winning the ESC in 2002, this year proves to be disappointing as Lynn Chircop finishes only one place before the last, and Eurovision hopes are just a dream.


Venue: Skonto Hall, Riga, Latvia

Date: 24th May, 2003

Number of Contestants: 26

Singer: Lynn Chircop

Song: To Dream Again

Composer: Alfred Zammit

Lyricist: Cynthia Sammut

Final Place: 25th

Points: 4

ESC winner for this year

Country: Turkey : Every Way That I Can performed by Sertab Erener

Composer: Demir Demirkan and Sertab Erener

Lyricist: Demir Demirkan

Points: 167


This was Malta's lowest ever score with 4 points, coming just ahead of the United Kingdom entry which scored 0 points.

No promotional video was produced for Malta's entry this year; every Maltese entry since 1991 has had a promotional video.

Many said that the winning entry was remarkably similar to Holly Valance’s popular Kiss Kiss.

2002’s top three entries, Latvia, Malta and the United Kingdom, were this year's bottom three.

Malta's low placement in the 2003 final round makes it necessary for the 2004 entry to take part in a semi-final contest.

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