Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1975

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Malta returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after not participating in 1973 and 1974, this time with a song in English. Singing this Song and Renato gave Malta its highest final ranking for the 1970s. The next song from Malta wouldn't appear at the Eurovision until 1991.


Venue: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: Saturday, 22 March 1975

Number of Contestants: 19

Singer : Renato

Song : Singing This Song

Composer : Sammy Galea

Lyricist : M. Iris Mifsud

Final Place: 12th

Points: 32

ESC winner for this year

Netherlands: Ding Dinge Dong performed by Teach-In



Renato's sister Helen Micallef sang Malta's entry with Joe Cutajar in the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest.

Sammy Galea is singer Doreen Galea's husband and father of Dominic Galea, Benedict Galea and Manolito Galea.

This year the voting system of 12, 10, 8 etc to 1 point was introduced. This system is still in use today, and was retained even throughout the years when "expert" panels were not involved in the voting.

The UK's entry Let Me Be The One performed by The Shadows was covered by Cliff Richard, who represented the UK twice in previous editions of the Eurovision Song Contest - he sang Congratulations to 2nd place in 1968 and landed 3rd place in 1973 with Power To All Our Friends.

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