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Mużika ,Mużika, 2021

In August 2020 it was announced that a new competition would be held in the name of Mużika Mużika ... Festival Kanzunetta Maltija (Music Music ... The Maltese Song Festival) will serve as a prestigious platform where local singers, authors and composers exhibit their Maltese compositions.

Past editions of this festival have lost their way over time, with songs written by international authors and composers, English language lyrics and recorded music. Thanks to this festival we would like to pay tribute to our language and our artists, by offering a solid and prestigious base where Maltese music can be played, and appreciated.

Through a live Orchestra of more than 40 musicians, a fair and rigorous selection process of the participants, as well as one of the best acoustics halls in Malta, Dar il-Mediterran għall-Konferenzi (MCC), this The festival will be giving a high level outlet for Maltese Song.

Three nights of music, with a celebration of our national language and local talent that is so abundant, this Festival will offer a proper and proper space to Maltese Song.

Humble beginnings

The ‘Malta Song Festival’ dates back to a small group in 1960, where the ‘Maltese Young Christian Workers’ (YCW) organized the first music festival in the Maltese islands. Soon after, other festivals did the same, with the launch of ‘Sun for Europe’; with its winner representing Malta in the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’. This was followed by the Għanja tal-Poplu ‘People’s Song’, sponsored by the ‘Youth Travel Circle’ (YTC), which is still held every year to this day. This festival has adopted a different style, and until 2016 served as a showcase for Maltese compositions based on social themes.

The Birth of Maltese Music

The Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija (International Maltese Song Festival) was officially born in 1981, with the idea that Maltese music, together with local singers, authors and composers, would achieve international recognition. The main concept of this festival was to encourage singers from other countries to participate with Maltese compositions adapted to their style of music and language. In addition, the festival opened its doors to many local artists, as first, second and third place were always invited to compete in international festivals. There have been times where even non-winning singers have been selected, and some foreign artists have even added Maltese compositions to their CD.

Break abruptly

After twenty consecutive years, the Il-‘Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija’ was abruptly set up in 2002, to the surprise of many festival enthusiasts.

After eleven years this festival returned in 2013, and although it had a minimal budget, it was still well received by local authors, singers and composers. This return was short-lived, as the festival did not continue after that year, except once in July 2016 under the name ‘L-Għanja tal-Poplu - Festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija’.

Since then, composers, authors and singers have been hoping that the International Maltese Song Festival will return.

Grand Return

This year, with the support of Prime Minister Dr. Robert Abela and the Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government Hon. Dr. José Herrera, the festival will take another turn and will return in a big way. Under the guise of Festivals Malta, the festival with the new name of ‘Mużika Mużika ... Festival Kanzunetta Maltija’ will finally have the value it so much deserves.


To re-strengthen the concept of Maltese Song


To get substantial participation from various established, emerging and emerging authors, composers and singers, and to offer an appropriate and prestigious space where they can exhibit their music


To give a proper and worthy space to the Maltese Song and to our language.


For each song submitted participants are required to include the following:

• A scanned copy of the signed statement for each singer / songwriter, composer, author (s); • A copy of the identity card from the front and back for each singer, group (s), author (s); • Mp3s with song recordings as indicated here: • Track 1 - full song recording including backing track, main singers and backing vocals; • Track 2 - half playback of the song including backing track and backing vocals, without main singer / s; • Track 3 - instrumental - backing track without main singers and without backing vocals; • A copy of the lyrics of the song; • Payment:

o Hand submissions: Check addressed to Festivals Malta; o Online Submissions: Bank transfer to the Festivals Malta account (IBAN: MT09VALL22013000000050003080132). A copy of the bank transaction must be attached to the application as proof of payment.

Songs may be submitted by hand between the twenty-eighth (28) and the thirty (30) of October 2020 between 10:00 a.m. at 4:00 p.m. at the ‘Festivals Malta’ office: Festivals Malta, 13, Europa Centre, Triq John Lopez Il-Furjana

or online on the website Festival.

First 35 songs chosen for Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija

The first phase of Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija has come to an end as the first 35 songs have been selected from the 148 submitted. These songs were chosen after careful deliberation from an experienced jury and the votes were tallied in the presance of a notary from the office of the Notary to Government. In the next phase, the artists will interpret these 35 songs in front of a different set of jurors, while accopanied by a backing track. In this phase, 20 songs will be chosen to take part in the semi-final of the festival which is being held between the 18th and 20th March 2021 at MFCC Ta’ Qali. The Mużika Mużika Board wishes to thank all of those artists who have shown interest in this festival.

List of songs that went through the first phase in alphabetical order

The Songs

No. Songs Passed
01 Aħna l-Maltin
01 Aħna t-Tnejn
02 Binti
03 Duħħan
04 Fjamma
05 Għada jisbaħ ukoll
06 Għajjejt inhobb
07 Għal dan il-lejl
08 Għażiż
09 Ħajti ngħix għalik
10 Ħarsa Biss
11 Ħudni Lura
12 Id f'Id
13 Ieqaf ftit
14 Il-kitarra u jien
15 Int biss
16 Jaħasra tgħidulniex
17 Jien mill-ġdid
18 Kelma bejn tnejn
19 Kompli tbissem
20 Kontra r-Riħ
21 L-ewwel Jien
22 Lil Binti
23 Memorji
24 Miegħek biss
25 Min Jaf?
26 Muftieħ
27 Naħseb Fik
28 Sinfonija ħiemda
29 Ta' Ftit Kliem
30 Tbissimli
31 Teżor
32 Tista'
33 Vizzju
34 Wara x-xita
35 Warajk

Semi-finalists for Music Music - Maltese Song Festival

The organizing Board of Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija on Thursday 3rd December, 2020 tonight announced the twenty semi-finalists who will be taking part in the festival that will be broadcast on Television Malta between 18th and 20th March 2021.

On Wednesday evening the festival enter in its second phase, as the 35 participants presented their song live, accompanied by a backing track, in front of a professional jury different from that of the first phase. Following a jury deliberation, the 20 songs that will compete in the semi-finals next March have been selected, and been announced on Thursday 4th. December, 2020.

The Minister José Herrera reiterated that the Maltese Song Festival offers a great and interesting opportunity for Maltese and Gozitan artists. This is a festival that celebrates Maltese talent as well as the Maltese language that we cherish so much as Maltese and Gozitans. This Festival will be one of the biggest festivals in the year 2021 and I am proud that the Ministry through Festivals Malta is organizing this.

The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Raymond Bugeja, congratulated all the semi-finalist participants. We are so proud of our talent at this prestigious festival! This is a festival that is reaching a high level of talent and standard.

The Board of Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija, Festivals Malta and the Ministry for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government would like to wish all the semi-finalists well. More information on the songs, singers, composers and authors will be available on in the coming days.

The twenty semi-finalist songs that will be taking part in Music Music - Maltese Song Festival in March 2021 (in alphabetical order):

The 20 Finalist Songs

No Singers Songs Lyrics Composers Televoting Video
01 Ian J Vella (Janvil) , Jade Marie Vella Binti Roberta Magri Richard Micallef
02 Fabrizio Faniello Fjamma Emil Calleja Bayliss Philip Vella
03 Christian Arding Għajjejt Inħobb Rita Pace Gilbert Camilleri
04 Charisse Ann Vassallo Għal Dan Il-Lejl Emil Calleja Bayliss Mark Spiteri Lucas
05 Danica Muscat Għażiż Emil Calleja Bayliss Cyprian Cassar
06 Glen Vella Ħarsa Biss Joe Julian Farrugia Philip Vella
07 Bernie & Pod Ħudni Lura Ivan Farrugia Bernard Bonnici
08 Philip Vella Il-Kitarra u Jien Joe Julian Farrugia Philip Vella
09 Christina Magrin Int Biss Mark Scicluna Mark Scicluna
10 Avenue Sky Kompli Tbissem Andy Muscat Glen Vella
11 Kantera Band L-Ewwel Jien Joe Julian Farrugia Elton Zarb
12 Mark Spiteri Lucas Lil Binti Mark Spiteri Lucas Mark Spiteri Lucas
13 Aidan Cassar Naħseb Fik Aidan Cassar Aidan Cassar
14 Miguel Bonello Sinfonija Ħiemda Joe Julian Farrugia Aldo Spiteri, Bradley
15 Ryan Grech Ta' Ftit Kliem Ryan Grech Ryan Grech
16 Michela Galea Tbissimli Emil Calleja Bayliss Mark Spiteri Lucas
17 Janice Mangion ft. George Curmi il-Puse' Teżor Emil Calleja Bayliss Cyprian Cassar, Mark Scicluna
19 Raquel Galdes Briffa Vizzju Aidan Cassar Aidan Cassar
20 Franklin Calleja Warajk Etienne Micallef Dominic Cini