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The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is the name given to the national selection process for Malta's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. The name marks a change from the preceding year, ushering in a new set of rules for the selection process, including allowing non-Maltese lyricists and composers to participate in the contest.

The Event

The semifinal and final of the national selection process will be held on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 February 2011 at the Republic Hall of the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

The event is organized by PBS Malta and will be transmitted live on TVM. The hosts for the show are Valerie Vella and Keith Demicoli.

The song selected from this contest will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, in May 2011.


A total of 141 entries were submitted to PBS in 2010 for the 2011 contest. 74 songs from the original lot were chosen to be performed live in front of a panel of experts behind closed doors. 50 of the songs in this phase of the competition were eliminated.

The 24 songs selected for the semifinal were announced by PBS on Saturday 8 January 2011 through the event's official website.

Here's the list of songs in order of appearance during the semi-final round of the selection process on Friday 11 Feburary:

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music
01 Amber Catch 22 Godwin Sant Ray Agius
02 Kurt Calleja Over and Over Kurt Calleja Johan J'amtberg
03 Cherise Grixti Heart of Glass Gerard James Borg Philip Vella
04 Wayne Micallef Everybody Sing Wayne Micallef Wayne Micallef
05 Claudia Faniello Movie in my Mind Gerard James Borg Philip Vella
06 Klinsmann Coleiro & Benjamin Darmanin This Love Jonathan Spiteri Klinsmann Coleiro
07 Eleanor Cassar Hypnotized Fleur Balzan Paul Giordimaina
08 Domenique Azzopardi I’ll Follow the Sunshine Bernad Meinunger Ralph Siegel
09 Rosman Pace You’ll Never Know Jordan Milnes Steven D. Cook
10 Raquela If I Could Do It All Again Mathias Strasser Marc Paelnick
11 Sophie Debattista Love to Love You Sophie Debattista Elton Zarb
12 Petra Zammit Unintentional Rita Pace Elton Zarb
13 Baklava Moon Dance Gerard James Borg Philip Vella
14 Jamie Tonna Lost Without You Aidan O'Connor Marco Debono
15 Amber Bondin Touch Wood Alfred C. Sant Ray Agius
16 Anna Azzopardi Unfaithful Keith Zammit Renato Briffa
17 Marilena Gauci He's a Demon Anthony Grech Michael Henry
18 Glen Vella One Life Fleur Balzan Paul Giordimaina
19 J Anvil Topsy Turvy Deo Grech & Natasha Turner Jonas Gladnikoff, Niall Mooney & Andrew Zahra
20 Jessika Muscat Down Down Down Jessika Muscat Philip Vella
21 Kelly Schembri Love Me Like Your Money Gerard James Borg Sven Lundho & Erik Rydmark
22 Fabrizio Faniello No Surrender Johan Bederholm Johan Stentorp
23 Ally Numb Alison Ellul Alison Ellul
2 Richard Edwards Finally Richard Micallef Jan Van Dijck

A preview of all the songs, directed by Where's Everybody?'s Reuben Sant, was presented for the first time in public on Friday 15 January 2011 during the last hour of an edition of Xarabank on TVM, featuring a public debate with Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, following a mass protest against Malta's financial situation, organized by the Partit Laburista in Valletta. Full video clips appeared online by the following morning through an official website produced by PBS Malta.

The video clips premiered during Xarabank will also be used for promotional purposes ahead of the contest on various other TV programmes. The clips are scheduled to appear during the following TV shows: 12:05, Sibtek, Ħadd Għalik, Bonġu and Bla Aġenda. In previous years, various TV shows would have singers lip-sync to the songs during the respective TV programme, often making for awkward backdrops or uneven presentation of the singers competing in the contest.

On Saturday 5 February 2011, Toni Sant presented his top picks and comments through his blog and the 244th edition of the Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

16 songs advanced to the final on 12 February 2011. The 24 songs in the semifinal were judged by a panel of professionals from the entertainment industry (66.6%) and a public televote (33.3%). The panel of judges was led by Italian singer Riccardo Cocciante.

Here's the list of songs in order of appearance during the final round of the selection process on Saturday 12 Feburary, along with votes received and placings:

# Performer/s Song Music/Words Jury Televote Total Place
01 Eleanor Cassar Hypnotized Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan 12 3 15 10
02 Amber Catch 22 Ray Agius, Godwin Sant 1 6 7 13
03 Jessica Muscat Down Down Down Philip Vella, Jessica Muscat 0 0 0 15
04 Ally Numb Ally, Ally 15 0 15 10
05 Baklava Moon Dance Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg 15 30 45 6
06 Fabrizo Faniello No Surrender Johan Stentorp , Johan Bederholm 36 21 57 4
07 Kurt Calleja Over and Over Johan J'atmberg, Kurt Calleja 54 15 69 3
08 Glen Vella One Life Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan 54 36 90 1
09 Marilena ft. Michael He's a Demon Michael Henry, Anthony Grech 1 0 1 14
10 J.Anvil Topsy Turvy Jonas Gladnikoff / Niall Mooney / Andrew Zahra, Deo Grech / Natasha Turner 3 12 15 10
11 Claudia Faniello Movie in My Mind Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg 19 0 19 9
12 Richard Edwards Finally Jan Van Dijck, Richard Micallef 64 24 88 2
13 Raquela If I Could Do It All Again Marc Paelnick, Mathias Strasser 28 18 46 5
14 Kelly Schembri Love Me Like Your Money Sven Lundholm, Gerard James Borg 0 0 0 15
15 Wayne Micallef Everybody Sing Wayne Micallef, Wayne Micallef 23 0 23 8
16 Klinsmann & Ben This Love Klinsmann Coleiro, Jonathan Spiteri 23 9 32 7

Glen Vella singing One Life by Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan will be representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2011.

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