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Mary Spiteri

Mary Spiteri is a popular cabaret artiste from Malta. She was born on 25 October 1947 in Naxxar. Mary represented Malta in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö with the song Little Child. Spiteri finished in third place behind Ireland and the United Kingdom. 1992 was not Mary's first attempt at Eurovision.

In 1971 she participated in the Maltese heat of Eurovision with the song Min Int? (Who Are You?). Another attempt was made in 1975 when Mary performed two songs in the Maltese final, Live For Tomorrow and Try a Little Love Today. Both failed. After her 1992 appearance Mary became something of a diva figure to Eurovision fans and was presented with an award by Eurovision Network at their convention held in Coventry that year.

Mary's subsequent efforts to return to the Eurovision stage have not been successful. She was unplaced in the 1995 Maltese final with Just One Love but managed a third place in 1997 with Lovers Play with Words. In September 2006 Mary announced that she hoped to participate in the Malta Song for Europe Festival in 2007, and in fact she submitted a number of songs, of which none were chosen for the Maltese Song for Europe Festival.

Mary tried again and she has successfully entered 2 songs which competed in Malta Song For Europe in 2008, but was unsuccessful in reaching the Eurovision.

In 1975, Mary Spiteri represented Malta in the Tokyo Music Festival and was awarded with the 'Outstanding Award' for her entry Go On.

The singer gave two large concert in Australia in 1979; one at the Sydney Opera House u and the other at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne. The Sydney Opera House concert was filmed and broadcast on TV in Malta and Australia.

She also appeared in a film by Elio Lombardi and played the character of Miss Fiorini in the Maltese TV series Deja Vù.

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