Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1992

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Maltese fans were left breathless during the voting when it looked like Malta could win the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest. In the end, Little Child became the first Maltese song to reach the top 3 in the Eurovision final.


Venue : Malmo, Sweden

Date : Saturday, 9 May 1992

Number of Contestants : 23

Singer : Mary Spiteri

Song : Little Child

Composer : Georgina Abela

Lyricist : Raymond Mahoney

Final Place : 3rd

Points : 123

ESC winner for this year

Ireland: Why Me? performed by Linda Martin

Composer : Johnny Logan

Lyricist : Johnny Logan

Points : 155


1992 saw the first of three successive wins by Ireland.

Johnny Logan, the lyricist and composer of the winning song in 1992, had already won the Eurovision Song Contest twice before: What's Another Year?, composed by Shay Healy and sung by Johnny, won in the Netherlands in 1980; Hold Me Now, which he both wrote and sang, won in 1987 in Belgium.

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