Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1996

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Malta's young Miriam Christine obtained the 10th place in this year's edition, the same postion Malta obtained in the previous year.


Venue : Oslo, Norway

Date : Saturday, 18 May 1995

Number of Contestants : 23

Singer : Miriam Christine

Song : In a Woman's Heart

Composer : Paul Abela

Lyricist : Alfred C. Sant

Final Place : 10th

Points : 68

ESC winner for this year

Ireland : The Voice performed by Eimear Quinn

Composer : Brendan Graham

Lyricist : Brendan Graham

Points : 162


Miriam Christine is of Brazilian origin, adopted by a Gozitan family. She was still a teenager when she represented Malta at the Eurovision.

Paul Abela has composed three of Malta's entries to the Eurovision Song Contest: 1991, 1996 and 2001. He arranged the 1992 entry, which was written by his wife Georgina.

Alfred C. Sant has written the lyrics for two of Malta's Eurovision entries: 1995 and 1996. Although this was his first collaboration with Paul Abela to appear at the Eurovision Song Contest, they have written numerous popular Maltese songs together.

Both Eurovision songs written by Alfred C. Sant ended in 10th place.

Ireland was not successful in not winning the Eurovision Song Contest this year and after just a one year interlude won again. This was Ireland's fourth in five years. Norway, the winner of the previous year, came second.

A virtual electronic scoreboard was introduced for the first time.

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