Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1993

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Maltese hopes for further improvement on the result and building on the excellent third place the previous year were dashed with a respectable 8th place by William Mangion. It wasn't to be this time.


Venue : Millstreet, Republic of Ireland

Date : Saturday, 15 May 1993

Number of Contestants: 25

Singer : William Mangion

Song : This Time

Composer : William Mangion

Lyricist : William Mangion

Final Place : 8th

Points : 69

ESC winner for this year

Republic of Ireland: In Your Eyes performed by Niamh Kavanagh

Composer : Jimmy Walsh

Lyricist : Jimmy Walsh

Points : 187


RTE, the public broadcaster of Ireland, could ill-afford another Irish win at the Eurovision as this meant dishing out more money for the organisation of the event the following year.

William Mangion is better known as a rock singer in Malta and many felt that he was a misfit at the Eurovision Song Contest, which is usually a showcase for pop singers and middle of the road music.

This was the first time that Malta's entry was written by the singer.

Chris & Moira, who wrote and sang the Maltese entry at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest appeared with William Mangion during this year's final show. Debbie Scerri, who sang Malta's entry in 1997, was also a backing singer for William Mangion.

Several countries that emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall or were formerly Communist countries took part this year, including Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Hungary and Slovakia. This created a various logisitic complications as it was felt that there were too many participants. Eventually some countries decided to take a break from the contest. Some, like Italy, don't return for many years.

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