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Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is the television show by which PBS selected Malta's entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan between the 22 and 26 May 2012.

The regulation for this edition of the contest were announced by PBS Friday 26 August 2011 and made available to interested parties via email. There appear to be only minor changes from the previous year's regulations. The fee for submitting an entry is €150. Non-Maltese songwriters are still eligible to submit songs but the main singer/s for each submission must be a citizen or permanent resident of Malta. The main alteration from the previous edition is that the broadcaster now holds the right to award wildcards either in the semi-final or the final of the song selection.

Submissions were accepted at the main PBS building in Gwardamangia on 20 and 21 October 2011 between 9:00 am and noon, as well as between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

During the first phase of selection, all submissions were heard on CD by a judging panel made up of both local and international creative professionals. In the second phase, the selected songs will be performed live by their respective artist in front of another panel of judges.


A total of 161 entries were submitted to PBS in 2011 for the 2012 contest. 62 songs from the original lot were chosen to be performed live in front of a panel of experts behind closed doors. 38 of the songs in this phase of the competition were eliminated.

The 24 songs selected for the semifinal were announced by PBS on Friday 25 November 2011 during the popular TV show Xarabank.

Here's the list of songs in alphabetical order by singers first names, as originally released by PBS. This list is also sortable by the semifinal running order:

#Singer/sSongMusic / Words
24AmberAnswers with your eyesRay Agius & Alfred C. Sant
23Anna AzzopardiStill waitingSamuel Bugia Garrido & Athanassios Nakos
07Annalise EllulWhoop it up!Elton Zarb & Deo Grech
13Claudia FanielloPurePhilip Vella & Gerard James Borg
21Corazon MizziMystifying eyesPaul Giordimania & Fleur Balzan
01Danica Muscat7 daysPhilip Vella
22Deborah C feat. Leila JamesYou make me go UH UHDavid Vervoort & Patrick Reiner
16Dorothy BezzinaAutobiographyMagnus Kaxc & Gerard James Borg
20Eleanor CassarI want to run awayPaul Giordimania & Fleur Balzan
18Fabrizio FanielloI will fight for you (Papa's song)J. Beoerham, N. Edberger, R. Uhlmann, W. Fenech & F. Faniello
04Francesca BorgTake me farMarco Debono & Doris Chetcuti
17Gianni ZammitPetals on a roseR. Abrahamsson, A. Aly, N. Numhauser & T. Fenech
03Isabelle ZammitWalk on waterPaul Giordimania & Fleur Balzan
19Janice MangionWhile her eyes still glowElton Zarb & Rita Pace
02J. AnvilYou are my lifeGeorge Georgion
14Jessika MuscatDance romancePhillip Vella & Jessica Muscat
12KayaFirst timeGeorgios Kalpadikis
05Klinsmann ColeiroNo way backPaul Abela, Klinsmann Coleiro & Jonathan C. Spiteri
08Kurt CallejaThis is the nightJohann Jamtberg & Kurt Calleja
11Lawrence GrayIn your eyesPhilip Vella & Cher Vella
10Nadine BartoloCan't get awayPhilip Vella
06Richard EdwardsLook at me nowJan Van Dijck & Richard Micallef
09Romina MamoDNAMichael James Tanczos & Gerard James Borg
15Wayne MicallefTimeWayne Micallef


The semi-final was televised live on TVM on Friday 3 February 2012.

The show was presented by Elaine Saliba and Ronald Briffa, with backstage links by Frank Zammit.

All vocals were performed live.

Eight songs were eliminated and the remaining sixteen made it through to the final phase in which the final result will be decided by a professional panel of six judges as well as another two judges worth of points from televoting.

Glen Vella opened the show as a special guest.

Airport Impressions were the guest act for the semifinal and they appeared after all the songs were performed.


The final was originally scheduled for Saturday 28 January 2012, but in November it was announced for Saturday 4 February 2012.

Here's the sortable list of songs in order of appearance during the final round of the selection process, along with votes received and placings:

# Performer/s Song Music/Words Jury Televote Total Place
01 Lawrence Gray "In Your Eyes" Philip Vella, Cher Vella 23 6 29 7
02 Deborah C ft. Leila James "You Make Me Go Uh! Uh!" Renier Patrick, Vervoort David 7 0 7 15
03 Dorothy Bezzina "Autobiography" Magnus Kaxe, Gerard James Borg 25 2 27 8
04 Gianni "Petals On A Rose" R. Abrahamsson, M. Numhauser, T. Fenech, A. Aly 22 20 42 4
05 Claudia Faniello "Pure" Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg 64 14 78 2
06 Danica Muscat "7 Days" Philip Vella 25 0 25 9
07 Fabrizio Faniello "I Will Fight For You (Papa's Song)" J. Bejerholm, N. Edberger, R. Uhlmann, W. Fenech, F. Faniello 19 12 31 6
08 Corazon Mizzi "Mystifying Eyes" Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan 8 10 18 10
09 Richard Edwards "Look At Me Now" Jan Van Dijck, Richard Edwards 16 16 32 5
10 Kaya "First Time" Gorgi 1 8 9 13
11 Amber "Answer With Your Eyes" Ray Aguis, Alfred C. Sant 54 0 54 3
12 Wayne Micallef "Time" Wayne Micallef 10 0 10 12
13 Kurt Calleja "This is The Night" Johan Jämtberg, Kurt Calleja, Mikael Gunnerås 60 24 84 1
14 Janvil "You Are My Life" George Platon 8 0 8 14
15 Klinsmann "No Way Back" Paul Abela, Klinsmann Coleiro, Jonathan Spiteri 0 0 0 16
16 Francesca Borg "Take Me Far" Marco Debono, Doris Chetcuti 6 4 10 11


A preview of all the songs was presented for the first time in public on Friday 25 November 2011 during the last hour of an edition of Xarabank on TVM. Photos of all the participating singers along with details for composers and lyricists appeared on without any further links or video clips. However, three video clips appeared with snippets from all the songs on via YouTube.

On Saturday 28 January 2012, Toni Sant presented his top picks and comments through his blog and the 285th edition of the Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast. He also shared his comments with Marlene Galea in a separate conversation on SBS Radio in Australia, on Monday 30 January 2012.

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