Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1999

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Despite a catchy song and good looks to wow the audience, Times Three did not manage to obtain a final placement in the top 10. This was the first time that Malta didn't secure enough points to finish among the first 10 tunes since returning to the Eurovision in 1991.


Venue: Israeli Conference Center – Jerusalem

Date: 29 May 1999

Number of Contestants: 23 countries

Singer : Times Three

Song : Believe ‘N Peace

Composer : Chris Scicluna

Lyricist : Moira Stafrace

Final Place : 15th

Points : 32

ESC winner for this year

Country: Sweden: Take Me To Your Heaven performed by Charlotte Nilsson

Composer: Lars Didrikson

Lyricist: Lars Didrikson

Points: 163


The producing broadcaster was no longer obliged to provide an orchestra - so they didn't.

Songwriters Chris & Moira wrote and sang Malta's 1994 Eurovision entry too.

The three performers in Times Three were relatively unknown at the time they appeared in the Malta Song for Europe, which led them to the Eurovision. However, they each had an impressive pedigree: Philippa Farrugia Randon is the daughter of the former PBS Chairman, Diane Stafrace is Moira's sister, and Francesca Tabone is the granddaughter of former President of Malta Dr Censu Tabone.

On 24th September 1999, the EBU announced that the final score for Croatia had been reduced by a third, from 118 to 79, because their song had contained synthesised male backing singers, but no male backing singers were on stage. Rules stated all performers must be on stage. In spite of this they still retained fourth place.

There was the reintroduction of the 'free language' rule, not active seen since 1977.

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