Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1991

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After an absence of 16 years Malta returns to the Eurovision Song Contest with an excellent performance and a matching final result by established duo Georgina and Paul Giordimaina.


Venue : Rome, Italy

Date : Saturday, 4 May 1991

Number of Contestants : 22

Singers : Paul Giordimaina & Georgina

Song : Could It Be

Composer : Paul Abela

Lyricist : Raymond Mahoney

Final Place : 6th

Points : 106

ESC winner for this year

Sweden : Captured by a Lovestorm performed by Carola

Composer : Stephan Berg

Lyricist : Stephan Berg

Points : 146


Paul Abela and Raymond Mahoney had a long-standing working partnership throughout the 1980s producing some of Malta's most memorable songs from that time, including the rock opera Ġensna, which traces the checkered history of the Maltese Islands.

Raymond Mahoney returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 with Georgina Abela as the writing team behind Malta's entry for that year, Little Child sung by Mary Spiteri. The song was arranged by Paul Abela.

Paul Abela composed Malta's 1996 entry, In a Woman's Heart with lyrics Alfred C. Sant sung by Miriam Christine.

Singer Georgina is married to composer Paul Abela. They came back to the Eurovision Song Contest again as a songwriting team in 2001, giving Fabrizio Faniello his Eurovision debut with Another Summer Night.

Carola, who won the 1991 edition for Sweden, returned for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. In 1991 she obtained the same number of points as Amina representing France. Carola was declared winner because she received more 12-point votes than Amina.

This was the second time that the Netherlands withdrew from the contest because the final fell on their Remembrance Day. Their withdrawal in 1991 made way for Malta's entry after an absence of 16 years.