Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1998

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Echoing Mary Spiteri's 3rd place in 1992, Chiara ended a mere seven points behind the winner. The winner was decided in the very last round of votes.


Venue : Birmingham, UK

Date : Saturday, 9 May 1998

Number of Contestants : 25

Singer : Chiara

Song : The One That I Love

Composer : Jason Paul Cassar

Lyricist : Sunny Aquilina

Final Place : 3rd

Points : 165

ESC winner for this year

Israel : Diva performed by Dana International

Composer : Tzvika Pik

Lyricist : Yoav Ginai

Points: 172


Chiara obtained the highest number of votes ever for Malta until she returned to the Eurovision in 2005 and bettered her own top score but missed the winning position.

Israel's Dana International, the 1998 winner, is a transsexual, and wore a designer feather dress during the final.

Germany's Guido Horn had a crazy performance, climbing all over the stage.

Mass televoting took part for the first time. Judging panels were only used by countries that did not have a good telephone infrastructure.

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