Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994

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The duo Chris & Moira improved Malta's result compared to the previous year, obtaining 5th place in an edition won for the third time in a row, and unexpectedly, by the Republic of Ireland.


Venue : Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Date : Saturday, 30 April 1994

Number of Contestants : 25

Singers : Chris & Moira

Song : More Than Love

Composer : Chris Scicluna

Lyricist : Moira Stafrace

Final Place: 5th

Points: 97

ESC winner for this year

Ireland : Rock'n'Roll Kids performed by Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan

Composer : Brendan Graham

Lyricist : Brendan Graham

Points : 226


Chris and Moira are married to each other.

Chris and Moira had appeared with William Mangion at the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest when he sang Malta's entry This Time.

For a number of years Chris Scicluna played guitar in a band called Getting Closer, with William Mangion as lead singer.

Moira Stafrace's sister Diane is a member of Times 3, the pop trio that presented Malta's Eurovision entry in 1999, which was also written by Chris & Moira. Diane was 14 years old in 1994.

Irish public broadcaster RTE worse fears came to pass when the Republic of Ireland won the Eurovision for the third successive time.

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