Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Chiara returns to sing Malta's entry, improving over her third place in 1998 by achieving an impressive second place with her angelic ballad.


Venue: Palats Sportu, Kiev, Ukraine

Date: 21 May, 2005

Number of Contestants: 24

Singer: Chiara

Song: Angel

Composer: Chiara Siracusa

Lyricist: Chiara Siracusa

Final Place: 2nd

Points: 192

ESC winner for this year

Country: Greece : My Number One performed by Helena Pararizou

Composer: Christos Dantis

Lyricist: Natalia Germanou and Christos Dantis

Points: 230


This year's contest marked the 50th edition of the Eurovision.

Angel was written and composed by Chiara who called it “her baby”.

This was Chiara's second appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest, a first for any Maltese singer. To date, she is Malta's most successful singer at the Eurovision.

There were initially two more countries expected to make their debuts in this year's semi-final - the Czech Republic who withdrew in December, and Lebanon who withdrew in March, due to their refusal to broadcast the Israeli entry.

The bottom four this year were also the 'Big Four' - the UK, France, Germany and Spain, who are the biggest financial contributors to the EBU and are therefore guaranteed a place in next year's final.

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