Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 1997

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Maltese entry Debbie Scerri did not fly high enough and obtained the 9th place, one place better than the previous year's entry.


Venue : Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Date : Saturday, 3 May 1997

Number of Contestants: 23

Singer : Debbie Scerri

Song : Let Me Fly

Composer : Ray Agius

Lyricist : Ray Agius

Final Place : 9th

Points : 66

ESC winner for this year

UK : Love shine a light performed by Katrina and the Waves

Composer : Kimberley Rew

Lyricist : Kimberley Rew

Points : 227


Malta's entry was a ballad, chosen to impress the Irish, and Debbie Scerri had a robe that matched the style of the song.

Ray Agius returned as the composer and lyricist of this year's entry from Malta after his first Eurovision appearance as composer on 1995's Keep Me In Mind.

Televoting was introduced for the first time across Europe, giving rise to the infamous 'and 12 points go to our neighbours ...' where countries, that cannot obviously vote for their entry, vote for their neighbours' songs. Many Maltese think this penalises their entry as Malta does not have strong Eurovision neighbours.

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