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Lara Azzopardi born on 2 June, 1985 born in Pietà and grew up in Birkirkara. She is a singer, presenter and actress.

Lara is an only child born to the sweetest parents. Despite of not having brothers and sisters, she was always surrounded by pets that are regarded as an extension of the family. Her mother Angela Agius who has been working in radio/television broadcasting from 1978, automatically introduced her to the media and hence developed an affection towards this kind of job at a very early age!

Lara primarily started singing, attending coaching lessons, while at the same time having a passion for the broadcasting media. By the age of 6, Lara was already recording her own programs (trying to imitate her mummy at home) and therefore she was offered a radio programme on the national radio station soon after, which has helped to further her developing broadcasting skills! At the age of 10, Lara had her first television programme on One TV which was aimed towards children and it turned out to be a great success amongst Maltese kids.

Further to that, she started presenting other programmes on TV. Back in 1995 she received an award in Best Children Radio / TV presenter in the Radio / TV broadcasting awards. She managed to present quite a few TV programs over the years, having a program on every schedule! Still practicing voice coaching, when she was 11 years old she was chosen to represent Malta in an Italian festival Bimbo Star and won first place.

Following that she competed in some other festivals abroad too – Prague, Lithuania, Tenerife and in Sicily she won second placing! She achieved FIDOF best Upcoming Artist Award winner in music (2004). In 2005 she unexpectedly auditioned for acting after being contacted by 4people Ltd who Lara owes all her respects to; and managed to get a leading role in Gizelle as Christina (October 2005 – One TV). She developed this passion for acting which intrigued her and made her want to act. Following that she had acting roles in: 506, TVM – leading role as Veronica; Evangelisti, One TV – secondary role as Monique; Emilja, One TV – Leading role as Emilja; Dreams, TVM – secondary role as Pamela. Lara has also been featured in a few local adverts. and Rose or Rozina in the teleserial Iċ-Ċaqquffa. She married married Thomas Cuschieri on the 19th May 2012 and they lived in Balzan.

She is graduated in Dip. Nursing 2006 and B.Sc Nursing (HONS) 2009. Her main occupation was Nurse in Cosmetics.