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Salt is a Maltese Christian rock band formed in 2003 as part of a youth group called Youth Fellowship.

The band is made up of Janice Debattista (vocals), Louise Anne Tate (vocals), Joe Gauci (backing vocals, piano/synths), David Schembri (guitars), Jude Carabott (guitars), Karl Galea (bass) and Manuel Pace (drums).

They released their debut album hello Truth in December 2006, which featured the singles Q&A, I Want To Be With You, If You Do Not Build and You.

Their second studio album Less Noise More Love was released in 2009, and featured the singles Jars of Clay, Star, Walk and Come To You, which was their first single to go to number 1 on Bay 89.7's Malta Top 10 chart.

As well as playing countless gigs in Malta, the band have also played in Germany, Gibraltar and Australia as part of the World Youth Day.

Salt has won 2 Bay Music Awards for 'Best Newcomers' in 2007 and 'Best Band' in 2008.

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