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Chasing Pandora is a band from Gozo.

‘This is what popular music should sound like !’ Classic Rock Magazine comments on Chasing Pandora’s new album ‘The Driver and the Dancer’. An invite from BBC Radio 2 to perform a live session on Janice Long, ‘Featured Artist’ on BBC Radio 2 ‘Good Morning Sunday’ a wonderful live review from the UK’s Independent newspaper for their concert at The Roundhouse – London, being chosen to perform at NXNE in Toronto, no wonder people are asking, who are Chasing Pandora ? Well for this hard working band from Malta it’s about time !

Since the release of their ‘ground breaking’ – The Times - album ‘Mocking The Mockingbird’ Chasing Pandora have built up a solid following, performing to thousands in Malta and at key London venues over the last year and half, Melissa’s lyrics have been likened to Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey, Keith Anthony praised for his beautiful poignant melodies by all UK Music press. Since their beginning as a singer/songwriting duo they have evolved into a band with the addition of writing partner Ismael Azzopardi on Keyboards, Simon Vella on Violin and Dru Mayer on Percussion.

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Melissa Portelli

Keith Anthony

Ismael Azzopardi

Simon Vella

Dru Mayer


Chasing Pandora are managed by Tickety-boo.

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