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Skimmed is an indie garage-rock band from Malta. The band's current line-up features Alexandra Aquilina (vocals/synth), Daniel Borg (backing vocals/guitar), Federico Cilia (bass) and Christopher "Toffer" Mercieca (drums).


The band was originally founded by Borg, Cilia and Manuel Mizzi during their secondary school years at the Hamrun Lyceum. At this time the band was called Fade. In 2005 the band recruited singer Joanna Ellul but she was soon replaced by current vocalist Aquilina while Ellul moved to playing keyboards. This formation did not last long and Ellul eventually left the band due to diverging musical taste.

The band members soon began writing new material and changed their name to Skimmed and performed for the first time at Naasha on Saturday 3 March 2007 with The Areola Treat.

In 2009 the band recorded their debut EP Your Head Is Too Big For Your Crown at Temple Studios with producer David Vella.


Studio Albums


Music Videos

  • Skimmed released a music video for Napoleon at Rookies in Bugibba on 9 July 2010, where they also played a live gig for the occasion. The video was directed by Moira Zahra and Eleonora Rose Abela.

Television and Radio


  • They have just launched their debut EP – “Your Head Is Too Big For your Crown” recorded by David Vella at Temple Studios. Their first single “Can’t Stop”, from the debut EP which can be heard on the band’s myspace, topped the local charts. Skimmed were also nominated for and even performed during both the Malta Music Awards and the Bay Music Awards.

Skimmed were also nominated for and even performed during both the Malta Music Awards and the Bay Music Awards.

  • Nominated as Best Newcomers 2010 during the Bay Music Awards and Malta Music Awards.
  • Performed during Bay Music Awards and Malta Music Awards 2010 which were also aired on local television stations
  • Skimmed have a familiar yet different sound, echoing the Pixies and a broad range of influences from 80s/90s indie, grunge and punk. The development of their songwriting shows how this band has succeeded in growing and maturing despite numerous setbacks. Their music is all about conveying their knowledge, history, rebellion, anger and poetry through energetic tunes.
  • As Fade the band appeared on teen oriented program A-70 presented by Zoo comedians Owen and Daniel where they played and original and a cover version on national television.


Their songwriting and lyrics sometimes take a narrative perspective. From capturing the frustration of the underappreciated worker and the contempt they hold towards their impertinent superiors (Shitty Jobs) to the recollection of the boredom and recklessness of teens living in a small town area (Bored Games). Other times, they are just strangely surreal (Napoleon). Send an email on to buy the band’s debut EP – “Your Head Is Too Big For Your Crown”

  • Single Napoleon played on local radio stations
  • Music video for Napoleon aired on Fresh and Funky (local music TV programme) and Calypso TV

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