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Marlene Galea (1969) is a Radio producer and broadcaster with SBS Radio in Melbourne, Australia.

Marlene was born in Sydney in 1969 of an Aboriginal mother and American father and adopted by a Maltese couple. At the age of 3 years, Marlene was taken to Malta, where she was brought up in the village of Xagħra in Gozo.

Early career

Marlene was very active in Performing Arts. At the young age of 6 she started singing in local Song Contests and won a number of festivals. She also performed in numerous stage productions in Xagħra directed by Chevalier Julian Refalo Rapa.

Marlene was the Physical Education teacher and Choreographer at St Francis School in Victoria Gozo (1992-1998), Choreographer for Xagħra based stage productions and at the Don Bosco Oratory in Victoria. Marlene was the costume designer & choreographer at the Xagħra Youth Centre for Carnival dance competitions in Gozo and won a number of awards for costume design and dance. In Melbourne Australia, Marlene was the Choreographer of the Young Maltese Australian Dancers (1998-2003).

Radio career

In 1989, Marlene was introduced to broadcasting by Joe Borg Ghigo in the weekly PBS Radio magazine from Gozo - Mill-Gżira ta' Calypso - formerly known as Mit-Tokk t'Għawdex. She was the presenter for 10 years, till 1998. In her years as a presenter she has worked with Vincent Theuma Xerri and Alvin Scicluna. In 1998, upon her return to Australia, Marlene settled in Victoria. She started off as a contributor for Maltese Language Programs on SBS Radio and in 2001 became a permanent Broadcast Journalist. For 10 years she was the Senior Producer with Maltese Language Programs; a position she held until the rescheduling of programs on SBS Radio in 2013. She is now a Broadcast Journalist.

Involvement in Maltese community

Marlene was the Administration Assistant for the Executive Committee of the Maltese Community Council of Victoria (MCCV) from 1999 to 2001. In 2010 Marlene was a keynote speaker about Maltese Youth in Melbourne at the Convention for Maltese Living Abroad held in Valletta. She was one of the founding members of community group Maussies (2007) and a founding member for community group nisġa (2009). She has presented numerous community events in Gozo and Melbourne.

Personal life

Marlene has two sons - Terence and Kenneth.