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Blind Saviour is a Female Fronted Power Metal band from Malta.

Band History

Blind Saviour was formed in 2013 and have taken part in the following festivals:

Xtreme Metal Assault 2014 - on Facebook

Xtreme Metal Assault 2015 - on Facebook

Shellshock Metal Fest 2016 - Shellshock on Facebook

Xtreme Metal Assault 2016 - on Facebook

UK Mini Tour - July 2016

Having played a number of gigs and Metal festivals in Malta, the band flew to the UK in July 2016 for their first mini tour, where they were invited to play at 3 different locations; the B2 in Norwich, The Carlisle in Hastings and The Fiddler's Elbow in London. During the tour the band had its debut album entitled The Master Plan available for sale.

The Master Plan - 2016

The album is available for sale in CD format and through digital download (iTunes and Google Play, as well as other leading online digital stores).

Band Members

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