Malta Summer Hit Song Contest 2011

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Malta Hit Song Contest 2011 is the nth edition of a popular music festival organized annually by One Productions.

The selection for the finalists was held on Sunday 17 April 2011. 64 entries were submitted for this year’s competition. The song contest will be aired as part of the new Saturday afternoon tv show, Celebrity Weekends (Saturdays at 4pm on ONE).

The original intention of the organising committee was to pick 12 finalist entries, which were to be previewed with a rotation of 4 entries each week. However, an unanimous agreement was reached among the organising committee members to increase the number of finalists to 18 entries, with 6 entries to be previewed each week on a rotation of 3 phases. The Final was held towards the end of July 2011.

In a short release issued by the organising committee, few minutes after the first selection was closed, it was declared that the level of the submitted songs was so high this year that it was becoming quite an impossible task for the judges to pick 12 entries only. This reflected in the voting outcome with several entries ending with a minimal point difference. In order to solve such a situation the number of finalists was increased.

A panel of 5 professional members of the jury who are directly involved in the local music scene selected the entries and these consisted of Jean Claude Micallef (former XFM breakfast show host, TV & Radio host/producer, Events organiser and promoter), Mario J.Farrugia (lyricist among which worked closely with Kevin Borg, winner of Swedish Pop Idol in 2008), DJ Charlo (Music Events organiser and promoter, Clubs & Radio Dj, Eurovision DJ at Euroclubs including Dima Bilan’s party in Athens 2006); Ignatius Farrugia (Music events organiser and promoter, artists promoter, former member of the International Malta Hit Song Contest organising committee, jury member in various international song festivals) and Yvette Grech Soler (Music Events organiser and promoter including concerts of international artists).

The Final

The final which will be taking place at Portomaso will be aired on ONE Television on Sunday 31 July 2011 and the results will be announced on Tuesday 2 August. It should be quite an interesting showcase with the various genres competing for the title. Apart from the top three awards which will be handed out based on 100% Expert Jury Voting, there will be a public award.

Finalist Song

Here are the 19 Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Domenique Azzopardi Love Trap Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
02 Joanna Attard Hysterical Rita Pace Elton Zarb
03 Marlon Chircop Galaxy Marlon Chircop Marlon Chircop
04 Joseph Refalo Queen of My Heart Gerard James Borg Miriam Christine
05 Ina Robinich Stay Rita Pace Andrew Zahra
06 Dominic Cini ‘Minik’ feat Siconix Let’s Party Siconix Siconix
07 Karen DeBattista Memoirs Daniel Muscat Mark Scicluna
08 Marie Claire Attard Bason Someday One Day Billy.J McBee Mark Scicluna
09 Walter Anthony Turn On The Lights Philip Vella Philip Vella
10 Janice Mangion Ain’t My Kind Of Love Rita Pace Mark Scicluna
11 Malcolm Pisani Ale’O Billy.J McBee Dominic Cini ‘Minik’
12 Francesca Borg Heaven Awaits Rita Pace Marco Debono
13 Christian Azzopardi Labyrinth Mark Amaira Philip Vella
14 Floren Sultana Thank You Rita Pace Elton Zarb
15 Izzy Ladies Night Muxu Matt Mercieca Elton Zarb
16 Kylie Coleiro Day After Day Joe Julian Farrugia Andrew Zammit
17 Luisana Bartolo Silver Rain Luisana Bartolo Philip Vella
18 Petra Zammit Forget My Name Natasha Turner Heathcliff Balzan

This evening proved to be quite a special one for the local music scene with one of the most major showcases being presented to the public sphere within one of the most exclusive hotels in the nation, Portomaso. The impressive setting of the event within the marina proved to be a great backdrop for the spectacle that was set to follow. Hosted by a female presenter along with Deo Grech and Ignatius Farrugia, the nineteen songs competing for the coveted title of the Summer Hit Song Contest took to the stage. The organisers did their best to organize an outstanding show and rose to the occasion when some minor issues were dealt with extremely quickly. The participants were friends and their teams were very nice to the people present. In the end though, despite the brilliant performances, only one song could win the top prize.

The event was opened up to great fan fare with a number of guest artists headlining the beginning. Amongst the people present to perform on the stage were none other than Vittorio Gauci who sang 'Memories' as well as Christabelle with her song track 'Everything About You', both of which were hits on the Local Bay Radio Charts as counted down by Nathan D. In the meantime, another set of performances were given near the end from none other than Josmar, a semi-finalist of the Malta Eurosong in 2009 and Romina Mamo who was the last winner of the Summer Hit Song Contest as well as a Malta Song for Europe finalist in 2003 and 2005.

The jury for the evening were made up of ten individuals from the music and the television scene including former Eurovision Song Contest representative, Olivia Lewis, PBS presenter and producer, Ryan Borg, ONE Television presenter and Disc Jockey, Clint Bajada, Presenter, singer and musical activities organiser, Renato Vella, musician, composer and recording engineer, Manolito Galea, Image consultant, Josette Grech and members of The Crowns, Victorio Gauci and Gianluca Capitta.

The Winners

Here are the 3 Winning Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Minik ft Siconix Let's Party Siconix Siconix
021 Petra Zammit Forget my Name Natasha Turner Heathcliff Balzan
03 Ina Robinich Stay Rita Pace Andrew Zahra

Other Award

Here are the winning Song of the Public Vote in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Walter Anthony Turn on the lights Philip Vella Philip Vella

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