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Luisana Bartolo

Luisana Bartolo born on 29 January 1987, She is a Maltese pop singer from Mellieħa. She is a Singer, Actress, Dancer and also like to writing Lyrics.

Luisana is a multi-talented artist being not only a singer and musician but also a dancer. Apart from playing the piano by ear at a tender age, dancing was her main performing art. At age 8 she came up with choreography for a Christmas concert held at the school she attended. At the age of 12, Ethelbert Fenech (teacher at Mainstream Agency) asked her to take part in a dancing show held at Waves Club together with 3 other dancers.

Mainstream Agency was soon founded, and Luisana together with the other dancers was offered a 1 year contract. She then decided to stop dancing at age 16. Her passion for music started at a very tender age and apart from playing the piano by ear, she started singing with the Choir and Orchestra Maria Bambina at age 10.

Luisana Bartolo

From then on her passion for singing continued to develop & at age 16 an Irish band called Future Kings of Spain who where in Malta to record their album, heard Luisana sing and decided to include her as a backing vocalist on various tracks. At age 18 she was already a resident singer at O’Connor’s Pub and had already performed in various hotels, bars and concerts.

Luisana is an upcoming singer, having a very unique voice with a distinctive timbre which one can’t help but associate it to her late father, Sammy Bartolo, former lead singer of the famous Maltese group New Courey.

In 2007-2008 Luisana resided in the UK where she was also involved in music and songwriting.

She continued to performing in the Maltese music scene several tributes to her late father, the singer Sammy Bartolo including one with her sisters Nadine and Charlotte at L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2009. After some years of singing songs made popular by her father, Luisana in September 2010 she took part in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2010 and IndiFest 2010 singing the song Kif Jista' Jkun? (How Could I ?) written by Philip Vella as a tribute to Sammy Bartolo. And she also won the Best Image Award.

Luisana has also performed with Joe Brown Band, Philip Vella, Big Band Brothers, Mark Spiteri Lucas, Paul Abela & the New Courey amongst others.

She also performed in Germany in the summer of 2010. Moreover in 2012 Luisana had a main part in the cast for the film L-Imħabba fuq L-Għolja which was shown in the local cinemas, a musical tribute to her father & New Courey's music. In May 2012 she, together with her sisters Nadine Bartolo and Charlotte Bartolo performed in tribute concerts in Australia.

She has been featured twice on Toni Sant's Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast: the 223rd edition included her version of Poeżija from the musical Imħabba Fuq Il-Għolja (Love On The Hill), while Kif Jista' Jkun? was included in the on 232nd podcast in the series on Saturday 30 October 2010.

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