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Mark Amaira was born on 8 May,1985 and wrote his first lyrics twenty years after in 2005.

However, I write poems and matches since childhood.

The first festival that he wrote for, was the Malta International TV Song Festival 2007 with Morena and win with the song Bogħod mill-għajn... bogħod mill-qalb with music of Renato Briffa. With the same team, they went to represent Malta in Universong Canary Islands International Song Festival at 2008 at Tenerife with the song Tattoo and we achieved the first place again and win the Grandprix of the festival.

During the same summer, participated in the Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża 2008 with the song Fjamma with Annabelle Debono, while Philip Vella go the music, and Misterjuż where sing Leontine while Renato]] Briffa do the music, This Festival was won by the song 1964 sung by Annabelle Debono with Philip Vella music, take part too with the song to Bogħod which Talitha Dimech sung and Renato Briffa compsor the Music. In the 2010 Edition take parti with [Ġenerażjoni Tabu]] sing by Dario Bezzina and composed by Chan Vella

During this time, he wrote the lyrics of the single track for Annabelle Downpour composition of Sean Vella, and Labyrinth song for Christian Azzopardi and competing in the Summer Hit Song Contest 2011.

In 2013 Mark is again to taking part in the International Festival of Maltese Song with two songs, music by Philip Vella and Renato Briffa, Passi Fir-Ramel sing Domenique Azopardi voice, and Għadek Tgħix by Fiona Cauchi.

Recentley I try to writing poetry in Maltese and have re back to the stories. Hoping that in the near future I have the opportunity to work with broadcasters to best Maltese speaking and writing, and writing too in Maltese entries for local television.

Beyond that, interessting in reading and i could live without the music. Kill me aesthetics, facinatme technology, but more their combination. But my feelings speak in Maltese.

The future I intend to live step by step, during this I wish quit still dreamed.


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