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Natasha Turner

Natasha Turner (nee Vella) born on the 21 of June, 1974. At San Julian’s. She is a Personal and Social Development teacher and a very active writer on psycho-social issues.

In 2002, she has published two poetry books called ‘BEJN IN-NARRATUR U N-NARRATA and ‘NEIJ-JIEN'.

The collections of poems are one great journey to the inner self, a voyage in the endless widths of one's soul. Her poems take up topics like drug-abuse, social isolation, troubles within relationships but also the hunger for honesty and genuine love. One cannot miss the honest frankness with which Turner is speaking about the various open wounds in society.

"Poetry turned out to be an effective catharsis for me, my own mental purification therapy. Being a very sensitive person, I vent my frustrations and pains on paper."

In 2004, she has published an educational book called KUN INT to help children build a strong identity.

“If children suffer from low-self esteem, they risk to keep on suffering psychological and emotional problems for the rest of their lives.”

Another self-help book for adults is FREE YOURSELF AND LIVE, published in the same year, where the author gives guide lines on how to build any fears which might be impeding the person to live at harmony with himself and others.

Natasha also writes story books for children. In 2005, she has published RANCU, S-SINDKU TAL-GRANCIJIET, where she uses fantasy and creativity to educate. She is also in the process of publishing another educational story book for children called SPERILLU and another educational book for teenagers to help them overcome all the crises they face during the Puberty stage, called X'Irrid.

In 2006, she has published another self-help b book called RELATIONDIPS, in which she stresses the importance of differentiating between healthy and unhealthy relationships. The book helps the person to become aware of any type of abuse, especially psychological and emotional abuse.

Natasha writes psycho-social articles in local newspapers and on a popular Maltese website: She also writes theatre scripts and lyrics both in Maltese and in English. She works with an education television program, promoting talents and cultural events.

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