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Clint Bajada

Clint Bajada born on 24 June 1982 in Paola Malta He is a television and radio personality.

He hosted with success a variety of local shows including 'Coyotic', 'clint@nine', 'HappyDays', and 'STR82dPOINT'. He is also known for his Saturday morning morning Radio show which during the Malta Broadcasting Authority was classified as the most popular Radio show in Malta in various audience surveys.

Bajada started his career as a radio presenter with Super ONE Radio at the age of 15. At young age of just 16 he appeared in a local Sunday Television show called ‘Kulhadd fil-Millenju’ together with presenters Claire Fabri and Ray Azzopardi. During his career he was involved in different TV programs including talk shows, news, current affairs and enterainment.

Clint Bajada

During 2007, Bajada hosted Coyotic. This programme was a dancing competition between 30 girls. They were judged for their dancing abilities, personality and looks.

As from year 2010 to-date, Clint hosted the popular Saturday mid-morning show 'Clint on ONE'. It is considered as the top music TV-Radio show currently followed on local stations. Within 120 minutes, Bajada captures local celebrity interviews, live acoustic acts, visiting guest DJ’s, new music albums & videos, Interactive SMS, E-mail and Facebook and god knows what we will think of for the future…

Clint on ONE is aired simultaneously on Radio & TV from a state-of-the-art studio in MTV style, every Saturday from 11hrs till 13hrs.

In September 2013, Clint Bajada has been appointed head of ONE Radio, taking over from Ray Azzopardi, who held the position for 22 years.

List of TV Shows presented by Clint Bajada TV shows

  • 2000: Kullħadd fil-Millennju - Sunday Afternoon show
  • 2001: Wotz on - Youth programme
  • 2002: Chiara & Friends- Sunday Morning Entertainment show
  • 2003: Summer Break - Sunday Afternoon Entertainment show
  • 2003: Għal Kull Ħadd - Sunday Afternoon Entertainment show
  • 2003-2007: Minn Niċċa 'l Barra - Feast programs
  • 2004/2006: STR82DPOINT - Youth Discussion Programme
  • 2005/2006: Happy days – Entertainment & Magazine show
  • 2006: Clint@Nine – Reality & Entertainment show
  • 2007: Coyotic – Dancing competition show
  • 2013: Stream – Youth Discussion programme/Pre General Election
  • 2010 to date: Clint on ONE – Radio & TV Music show

Journalist & article contributor

  • 2003: Team – Investigative journalism
  • 2003: "Qribna" - Political journalism

Newspaper contributor 2008: it-Torca – Weekly article contributor Special Appearances

  • August 2006: Producer & Presenter of the 15th anniversary celebration of Super ONE Radio
  • September 2006: Producer and presenter of ONE Productions Ltd launch for October/December 2006 schedule of ONE TV and Super ONE Radio. An important launch which leads to a change in the stations' brand image and the first day of digital transmissions
  • December 2006: Chairman of the Jury Panel of the Malta International TV Song Festival
  • December 2006: Produced and presented 12 days build up campaign for the Malta Labour Party fund raising marathon
  • October 2007: Judge for the Malta Music Awards 2007
  • December 2011: Co-Producer, ONE Tribute
  • August 2012: Presenter, Smokie Live in Concert
  • September 2012: Production/Coordination, jingles/sweepers of KISS on DAB+
  • September 2012: Presenter, ONE TV Launch of New Autumn Schedule
  • December 2012: Co-Producer & Live voice over intros, ONE Tribute

(Jan-March 2013: Entertainment coordinator and main Presenter for all Labour Party (PL) Mass Meetings. PL won the national election by over 35,000 votes on the Nationalist Party. PL won a massive 55% of the votes

  • June 2013: MC/Warm-up Host for Rudimental and Jessie J at Isle of MTV Malta
  • August 2013: Presenter, Johnny Logan Live in Concert

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