Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008

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Malta Junior EuroSong 2008 was the television show by which Malta selected its entry to the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Limassol in Greece on 22 November 2008.

This was Malta's second entry to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The Event

The event held on Friday at the 'Sir Temi Zammit Hall' at Tal-Qroqq. Three television shows for Junior EuroSong 2008. PBS will organise Junior EuroSong 2008 to select the Maltese entry for the sixth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest - to be held on the 22nd November in Limassol, Cyprus.

Local participants of the Junior EuroSong 2008, aged between 10 and 15 years, may enter the competition with songs written either in Maltese and/or in the English language. Child participants are to be involved in composing/writing their own songs with the active assistance of adults. The children's participation in the composition is essential. The lyrics of the songs, the dance movements (if any), and their clothes, are to respect the young age of the participants and not make the children seen like small adults.

The Contest

The festival is organised by PBS. 74 entries were submitted for this year’s festival, with 36 qualifying for the two semifinals which were on Tuesday and Thursday. A panel of judges together with televoting determined the final outcome. Junior Eurosong 2008 will be held over three televised shows from PBS studios in September 2008. A shortlist of 36 entries will qualify to the televised shows of the 9th and 11th September. The best 16 entries of the two shows will participate in the final show, which will be held on Saturday 13th September. Singers will be allowed to perform only one song in the final of Junior EuroSong 08. Judges will be looking out for the best voices of the night!

Junior Eurosong 2008 - The 36 Semifinalists PBS would like to announce the 36 semifinalists for the Junior Eurosong 2008. The following songs will take part in the two semifinals to be held on the 9th and 11th September. Sixteen songs will qualify to the finals of Saturday 13th September. Songs are listed below in the order as heard by the judges. This also determines the running order of the two semifinals.

Sixth Edition of the Malta Junior Song for Europe 2008

Semi-Finalist 1 Songs

Here are the 16 Songs featured in the Semifinal 1: Tuesday 9 September:-

No Singers Songs Video
01 Jade Cini Do it for Me (Click for Video)
02 Marisa Galea Sing (Click for Video)
03 Antonella Rapa Cinderella (Click for Video)
04 Jasmar Cassar Id-Dinja tiegħi (Click for Video)
05 Francesca Zarb Teenagers (Click for Video)
06 Natalia Gili Magical Shoes (Click for Video)
07 Denise Spiteri Eastern Breeze (Click for Video)
08 Claire Azzopardi Rainbow Love
09 Angelica Portelli A Dream (Click for Video)
10 Jade Cini Endless Voices (Click for Video)
11 Yazmin HelledieThe Zoo]] Scarlet Let's have some fun (Click for Video)
12 Daniel Testa Jodie Holiday Express (Click for Video)
13 Ana Maria Grima Shout (Click for Video)
14 Marie Claire Attard Bason In My Heart (Click for Video)
15 Ylenia Vella I Can't live Without You (Click for Video)
16 Whitney Cremona & Jody Magri Believe in you (Click for Video)

Semi-Finalist 2

Here are the 16 Songs featured in the Semifinal 2: Thursday 11 September:-

No Singers Songs Video
01 Danica Muscat Touch of Joy (Click for Video)
02 Mariah Mifsud Bonnici Music of Your Heart (Click for Video)
03 Norbert Bondin Young and Free
04 Naomi Marie Bugeja Mr.DJ (Click for Video)
05 Francesca Sciberras Fulfill my Dreams (Click for Video)
06 Shieradye Micallef Singing in the Street (Click for Video)
07 Daphne Xuereb Summer Fun (Click for Video)
08 Francesca Zarb I Dream Awake (Click for Video)
09 Daniel Testa Junior Swing (Click for Video)
10 Danica Muscat Trust and Believe (Click for Video)
11 Nicole Azzopardi Good Times (Click for Video)
12 Bernice Ann Mercieca Pray (Click for Video)
13 Denise Spiteri City of Angels (Click for Video)
14 Joseph Refalo Tonight (Click for Video)
15 Yazmin Helledie Fly (Click for Video)
16 Antonella Abela The Land Of Make Believe (Click for Video)
17 Christian Muscat & Maria Cuschieri Sing your life (Click for Video)
18 Nicole Azzopardi Once Upon a Time (Click for Video)

The Jury

The songs were judged by:

Results were verified by Dr Romina Bartolo (Notary Public) and Mr Lino Buttigieg (Certified Public Accountant). A meeting for all semifinalists will be held at the PBS premises Gwardamanġa on Friday 22nd August at 10am.

The Final held on Saturday 13 September, 2008, the songs where judge by a penal of 8 judges , (4 adults 4 children) togerther with televotig , which counted as the ninth member of the jury. The Final was held at the PBS Studios, and was hosted by Pauline Agius, The final classification is as follows.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Junior Eurovision Song Contest - to be held on the 22 November 2008 in Limassol, Cyprus.

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