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Whitney Cremona

Whitney Cremona is the daughter of Sandro and Sharon Cremona and was born on 22 May, 1996. She was raised in Mosta along with her little sister Luana Cremona who was born on 20 December, 1999.

Being influenced by her parents who are both huge fans of Whitney Houston, she became a fan too. Not only do they share the same name but they also share the same interests.

Whitney showed her interest in singing and performing at a very young age. Her kindergarten teachers insisted that she should start singing lessons, and she did by the age of five under Priscilla Psaila ‘Kaya’.

Since then, she has taken part in various events such as musicals, appearances and singing competitions such as L-Għanja tal-Poplu, Fl-Għaqda il-Melodija and many others. She also took part in television shows such as Arpeġġi. For some months she start taken guaitar lessions too.

Apart from these events, she also took part in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 edition when she placing 5th with her song Happy Everyday and competing again in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 edition with her song Mamma’s Girl.

Her best accomplishment however, was when she represented Malta in a festival called Verdinote which was held at Battibaglia, Italy in 2005. She performed a duet with Kurt Galea and they won 1st place in the Children’s Category, bringing home the prize which is called the Nota D’oro or Golden Note.

Despite having to step out of the spot light for a while to focus on her education, singing still remained Whitney’s greatest passion and now that she is enrolled at the University of Malta studying to become a Secondary School teacher, she is ready to make a comeback and to continue persuing her singing carreer.

Whitney has big plans for her future and aspires to take part in many local competitions such as Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Għanja tal-Poplu and many more. She also hopes that one day she can get the opportunity to compete in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and to maybe be given the chance to represent her country again.

Until then, Whitney wishes for success ahead in her future and hopes for the best opportunities in her carreer while looking forward to what it may bring.

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