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Mike Spiteri

Mike Spiteri was born in Ħaż-Żabbar on 27 November, 1955. He is a Professional Singer.

Mike who always had to drag music and had started young, when 14 years had taken part in a demonstration of talent. And had gone well and who then never looked back.

He was invited to join with rock Group which lasted him 3 years. During this time began entering several offers and new contacts. Not the first time they had been invited to give performances on television, several concertos, and numerous nightclubs inside the Maltese Islands, where Mike stands both as a singer began the Rock.

Mike sang with several bands, most forward until he was invited to give performances inside Tunes luxury hotel, along with his group.

In 1978-1979 Spiteri spent some time abroad singing with various groups and on his return to Malta he joined The Malta Knights who were offred a conyract in South Africa.

In 1981 Mike joined Strakast best remembered for their Rock Indipendenza concert, and as Rock Mass. He had to leave Malta again to work on a contract aboard. On his return in 1983 Mike Spiteri joined with Mirage the group which won the International Festival of Maltese Song in 1985 with the song Komputer by Ray Agius and Alfred C. Sant.

Mike Spiteri

During years Mike Spiteri name featured in the Song For Europe Song Contest mostly with the Alfred C. Sant and Ray Agius song writing, tandem.

In 1995 he was also tasted success as a winner of Festival Song For Europe with the song Keep Me In Mind of the same composer Ray Agius and author Alfred C. Sant allowing them sang many works that still bound as timbre career of Mike Spiteri. Successfully represented Malta in Dublin in Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 and three cd's Entered Satar Roses And Love Songs He has released The Voice of Mike Spiteri and a CD Roses Stars and Love Songs. Amongost prestigious award, Spiteri was voted ‘Best Vocalist 1996’ in the Malta Music Awards and the Best male Singer during the Sixteeth Thirty Music Awards.

For several years he serve in the Malta Song Board and gived his espercence to the singer that went for the Eurovision.

In 2011 he win for the first time Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2011 with the Ray Agius song B’Rieda Tal-Ażżar.

Mike he is also a good cartoonist.