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Daniel Testa Born on 2nd Febuary,1997.

As a boy he was always got an ambition and determition, his hobbies where singing, playing the drums, drama and playing football. He has been singing from the age of nine years and has won many festivals in Malta and also abroad.

Daniel began his singing career by taking part in small festivals in 2004. His first big festival was when he took part at the 2005 Ti Amo Singing Festival held in Romania. There he placed amongst the winners. He represented France because in February 2005, a French composer was looking for a young boy who could sing a song in French for an international singing Festival. With just six days to study the song, he managed to have it recorded and quickly sent to France. One week later, he was told that he had been selected out of six different countries.

Daniel placed first at the Malta Talent Awards of 2005 and 2006 for children and also won Best Promising Singer Award. In 2006, he placed first in a TV talent show. In the year 2006 and 2007, he also took part in two musicals and a Christmas pantomime.

In March 2007, Daniel signed a management contract with Bubbles Entertainment. In April 2007, he placed first in the Ilħna Maltin Song Festival in Malta with the song Sħabi (My Friends) composed by Trevor Fenech and Claudia Faniello.

In May 2007, Daniel represented France for the second time with another French song. It was written by the same French composer and won two prizes. In September 2007, Daniel was amongst the finalists in the Malta Junior Song for Europe 2007 and placed 6th.with the song "Swing".

In April 2008, Daniel auditioned in a monologue marathon at his school and managed to win the first prize and was awarded one week study-grant at Pineapple Studios London where he had the opportunity to have two workshops with two cast members of the West End Musicals.

This year Daniel was among the finalists in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest and managed to win the festival with his song Junior Swing - its message is that no matter how old you are, you can always dance the swing and definitely have a good time

In 2014 on 7 th and 8 th February in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Daniel Testa made it to the Final with his song One last Ride and placed in the third placed with 41 points.

In November 2014 Daniel enter in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and reach to the last 20 finalist songs with the song Something in the Way written by Charlie Mason and composed by Mans Ek.

On 21 November, 2014 Daniel Testa taken part in the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015, with the song Something In The Way, and he made it to the Final held at the Marsa Shipbuilding on Saturday 22 November, 2014 with the last sixteen song. He placed at the sixth place with 24 points.

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