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Norman Cristina B.Ed. Music & E.M.Y. was born on 20 August, 1976. He took up Music at an early age, attended the Johann Strauss School of Music and went on to qualify as a Music teacher. In 1997 he attended an International Summer School for Music and Dance Education (Salzburg).

Participated in various events including festivals, competitions, and numerous concerts (including the Mario Ellul Tribute Concert [pop Music], September 2004, under the direction of Mro Joe Brown; the Jazz Concert at the British High Commissioner’s private residence, November, 2004; and the Lunch Time Concert at the Manoel Theatre [Classical & Jazz Music], November 2004).

Norman formed his own groups and performs regularly. He taught Music in a private primary school and was a strong active member of EnKor, performing at the choir’s highlight: an invitation to participate at a Gala concert for “Childright” in De Duif at the prestigious Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, December 2004, in the presence of the Maltese Ambassador to the Netherlands HE Mr. Adrian Strickland. In Feb 2005, Norman was invited to Zagreb, Croatia, in order to contribute on the working group of JMI in order to create the World Jazz Youth Orchestra. March/April 2005, very active involvement in BJs Live Music Marathon including record-length playing times with numerous Musicians from diverse styles including well renowned great names in the local Jazz scene (Dominic Galea, Paul Giordimaina, Mario Aquilina, Noel Grech, George Curmi as well as a host of upcoming Musicians).

In 2001, Norman further pursued Piano & general Musicianship with Mro [Pawlu Grech]]. Norman is also a member of the Drum Circle under the guidance of Renzo Spiteri. In 2005, Norman joined the Rita Pace Band. In 2007, besides teaching requests multiplying and EnKor’s increasing prestige & performances, Norman himself directed a group of enthusiasts from an international NetWork Marketing Company in a Christmas Carolling session, recalling a similar activity back in the year 2000 when he conducted an a cappella group of enthusiasts for Christmas Eve mass. All the way Norman composes his own songs and makes arrangements of church tunes, and seeks to compose, arrange & conduct more. In more recent years, Norman increased performances and own works, was asked to serve as judge in various singing contests (on a small as well as national level), toured with EnKor in Ireland in 2008, had original Music performed in March 2009. From EnKor, Norman moved on to VOCA, formed in March 2010 with an already long list of performance experiences most of which received acclaim, appreciation, repeat and multiple bookings.

Performed improvisations in a concert at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Valletta, Malta in May 2010; and own compositions and improvisations at same location in Aug 2010. In 2011, Norman has been called upon to perform on percussion (the Cajon, a new experience for him) in a different style than his usual (Flamenco). 2012 saw Norman move faster, joining ToastMasters, BNI and Lead Events with whom, he explored his verbal side and public speaking flair. During 2012-2013, he compèred, presented, facilitated, as well as organised Energiser sessions during corporate conferences, delivered his own workshops of music for business, designed further works and presented/facilitated the AGM of Malta Enterprise.

This trend strengthened adding Team-Building activities for companies during 2013 and 2014. Naturally, music (& also drama) are always to be found at the core of whatever work Norman is conducting. Sometimes, these disciplines come out further into the open. During 2013, he worked with the DTD (Dyslexic Teen Dialogue) group of teenagers raising awareness about this condition, conducting a percussion workshop that featured in the short film used to reach their audiences. Also, Mr. Norman was the creator of a specialised music workshop in an international school. 2014 saw Norman consolidate his music skills, adding the experience of playing Irish Folk Music, and, later on joining a Funk Band, forming a Jazz Trio with a bassist and a singer, and also join a 60s Music Band, thereby continuously expanding his musical skills and experience. In the midst of all this, Norman was called upon to perform in a thank you event for a voluntary organisation. He got creative and put together a group of “strangers” who worked together to put up a 90-minute concert in less than two weeks flat.

A few weeks after, Norman was called upon, again, to help out in the introduction of Klezmer Music into Malta. Norman’s conception of sound, in its raw-most purity, was enhanced and celebrated with the workshop conducted by Markus Stockhausen in July of 2014. The hotter months of the year brought with them further networking within the art network and further projects, events and ideas being born in the minds of artists all around the island. Norman was only too happy to connect people, suggest projects and encourage everybody to give their utmost. The year 2013 saw Norman increasing his musical output, involvement and service. Joining the Klezmori Malta Foundation as administrator, switching from secretary to PR in ToastMasters, being appointed on the Board Of Directors of the MSA (Malta Society of Arts) as the Government Representative, joining a 60s Music band CrossRoads, joining a Blues band FreeWay Ride and becoming the president of UpBeat Music House…all the while weekly refining and attuning his Mother And Baby Music Sessions.