Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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1. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest (the "JESC") is an international coproduction by EBU Members which is carried out under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union (the "EBU") as part of the television programme exchange known as Eurovision. The 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Minsk, Belarus on the 25th November, 2018.

2. Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. is hereby publishing a call for applications for artists aged between 9 and 14 years.

3. Applicants must submit original versions, including a full playback version (including voice) and also a backing track excluding the voice.

4. PBS Ltd. will nominate a professional jury wherein all the submitted songs will be heard and judged on the version submitted by each applicant. During this phase a total of 16 songs will be shortlisted.

5. For the final phase, the sixteen (16) finalists will perform live on a televised show. The winning song will be chosen by 50% televoting and 50% jury vote.

6. In case of a tie, the song with the highest marks from the jury vote will be determined as the winning song.

7. The winner shall represent Malta in the next JESC which will be held in Belarus. This invitation will be offered to the next placed artist in case the winning artist, for any reason, is not able to participate in the JESC.

8. Malta’s representative in the JESC 2017 may not participate.

9. Eligible artists are children who are Maltese nationals.

10. The Participation Form (Annex A) needs to be signed by both parents unless documentation is provided in case of a sole legal guardian.

11. The Participation fee is €50 per application.

12. The online submissions must include the: a. Application form b. Minor Release Form c. Declaration by parents/guardians of the child artist d. Declaration by the Composer & Author for the Song Release e. A full playback version of the participating song (including voice) together with a backing track including backing vocals (but excluding the main voice) both versions need to be submitted in WAV File & MP3 formats f. Participation fee of €50

13. Parents/Guardians are informed, that the winner will be managed by PBS from the day of the announcement of the winner till the 26 th November 2018 and it has to be declared that the child artist is free from any other management agreements. Furthermore, the child artist must abide by the rules and regulations as stipulated by PBS and EBU.

14. The maximum duration of the song must be three minutes and the minimum duration is 2 mins and 30 seconds. A declaration of release of the winning song is required from the authors and composers who were involved in helping the child artist in the process of writing and composing the winning song.

15. PBS shall finance the participation, flight from Malta (and return) and accommodation, of the child artist and one parent/legal guardian. No further remuneration will be given. Rules of the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Selection 2018 3

16. Should the winning artist(s), without justification, interrupt his/her participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC 2018), he/she may be liable to lifetime exclusion from the contest and may be held liable for damages incurred by PBS as a result of his / her actions.

17. All participating child artists bind themselves not to take part in talk shows, interviews or any other programmes dealing with their participation in this song selection, be it on television, on radio, on printed media or on the web. If necessary, PBS will take care to give equal publicity to the finalists.

18. PBS is to be informed of any medical condition which could affect the participating artist(s) performance in the JESC.

19. PBS accepts no financial liability or obligation whatsoever to artists in connection with participation in the JESC.

20. All decisions taken by PBS, in all stages are final, binding and non-appealable.

21. All Participation Forms and any accompanying materials, are not returnable.


  • 11 June 2018 Publishing of Regulations
  • 20 July 2018 Submission Date
  • 3 August 2018 Announcement of 16 Finalists
  • September 2018 Televised National Selection
  • 25 November 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Belarus