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Francesca Zarb

Francesca Zarb born on the 7 January in 1995, Francesca Zarb, who will soon graduate in Law from the University of Malta has remarkably made a name for herself in the area of the performing arts.

The 19-year old, living in Mosta, started singing at the tender age of 5 years and won various local and international festivals including Verdinote Festival in 2004, Tralcio d’Oro in 2004, Asterix in 2004 in Macedonia Majowa Nutka in Poland in 2006 and Pcelice in Bosnia in 2006, together with the Grand Prix Award.

Francesca has also performed in the final festival of the Junior Eurosong 2005, Junior Eurosong 2006, Junior Eurosong 2007, and Junior Eurosong 2008, Her interest in the performing arts led into the presenting career, where because of her strong background in education, she was offered a post as a presenter in October 2006.

From that point, her career grew further as she started comparing on the national television station, TVM after passing through an audition held by the same company in April 2008. While working, with TVM, the company asked expressed their wish that she hosts Junior Eurosong in 2009 and Eurosong in 2010 as well as to read the votes of the international festival two consecutive times.

Francesca Zarb

Additionally, she have hosted the Kids Carnival Show at Valletta in 2010, 2011 and in 2013 as well as the Xagħra Gozo Carnival in 2013. Francesca also hosted the Gozo Nadur Carnival in 2014 for Communications. She has been hosting theGħanafest Kids Section annually held at Arġotti Gardens since 2008 and in 2013 was also privileged to host the main stage for the whole 3 days on which the festival ran.

Francesca has been invited over to host sections of Oħloq Tbissima (a fundraising marathon) annually since 2008. She has also performed live in a concert in honour of HRH Prince Edward KG GCVO in November 2012.

In 2012 Francesca took part in the community theatre piece called, Kuntrasti produced and directed by Dorothy Singh at the Malta Drama Centre alongside actors such as Dominic Said. In Notte Bianca 2013 she interpreted the main character of, Ester, in the Maltese drama Hitan by Francis Ebejer and has appeared in numerous musicals such as, Grizabella in Cats, Ruth in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and Killer Queen in We Will Rock You.

Singing, Drama, Presenting as well as Piano are what have been happening alongside Francesca’s academic education since a young age. She is a staunch believer that being humble is the way forward in life and as she put it, to be successful one must be slow but always on the go.

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