Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

After an appcent of four year, two years where Malta did’nt taken part, and in 2013 although the festival was not held, Malta taken part in [[1]] by Gaia Cauchi in Ukraine and win it, for the first time, for Malta with the song The Start. In 2014 the festival again was not held, but Malta was defending the title by Fedrica Falzon with the song Diamonds.

For this 2015 the organizer decieded PBS (Public Broadcasting Services) to organizer the festival again, with the first phase, singers must heard and judge, for just heard the voices on a cd player.

For this Malta Junior Eurovision Selection 2015. There where 53 singers who lodge their application, and from them, they where choose 20 singers, This announcement was made public through [], the official website of the Public Broadcasting Services which was annouced by PBS on Friday 25 June,2015

Finalist Singers

Here are the 20 Singers who wil be featured in the final:-

(01) Thea Aquilina, {2) Haley Azzopardi, (3) Amy Marie Borg, (4) Ilenia Camilleri, (5) Aidan Cassar, (6) Destiny Chukunyere, (7) Francesca Dimech, (8) Kelsey Farrugia, (9) Sarah Farrugia, (10) Nicole Frendo, (11) Christina Magrin, (12) Isaac Mercieca, (13) Raisa Marie Micallef, (14) Sarah Micallef, (15) Gabrielle Portelli, (16) Veronica Rotin, (17) Nicole Sciberras, (18) Victoria Sciberras, (19) Rebecca Scicluna, Rizzo, (20) Andy Shaw

The Final Night

The Final night of the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 held on the 11, July, 2015 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre at Valletta. Tickets will be available from € 10 for the Balcony, € 15 for the Stalls, and € 20 for the Dress Circle only from the official website of the venue. The show will be shown LIVE on TVM at 20:30 CET.


The Presentation night of this Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was in the hand of Eliane Saliba while Gaia Cauchi the winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 make some interview with the singers before they come out for there perfomance.

Finalist Singers

Here are the 20 Singers who will be featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Covers Original Performers Video
1 Nicole Frendo I'm Not The Only One Sam Smith (Check for Video)
2 Raisa Marie Micallef Wishing You Were Here Somehow Again The Phantom Of The Opera (Check for Video)
3 Sarah Micallef Respect Aretha Franklin (Check for Video)
4 Nicole Sciberras I Will Be Leona Lewis (Check for Video)
5 Veronica Rotin Mamma Knows Best Jessie J (Check for Video)
6 Ilenia Camilleri One Night Only Dreamgirls (Check for Video)
7 Francesca Dimech Blanl Space Taylor Swift (Check for Video)
8 Aidan Cassar Kemm Hu Sabiħ Sammy Bartolo (Check for Video)
9 Christina Magrin I Surrender Celine Dion (Check for Video)
10 Thea Aquilina That's Life Various Artists (Check for Video)
11 Andy Shaw Breakeven The Script (Check for Video)
12 Sarah Farrugia Skinny Love Bon Iver (Check for Video)
13 Kelsey Farrugia Stange Birds David Usher (Check for Video)
14 Destiny Chukunyere Think Aretha Franklin (Check for Video)
15 Gabrielle Portelli I Could Have Danced All Night Musical (Check for Video)
16 Haley Azzopardi And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going Dreamgirls (Check for Video)
17 Amy Marie Borg Wishing You Were Here Somehow Again The Phantom Of The Opera (Check for Video)
18 Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo Yours Steven Curtis Chapman (Check for Video)
19 Isaac Mercieca Mama Various Artists (Check for Video)
20 Victoria Sciberras Feeling Good Various Artists (Check for Video)

The Intervall

During intervall till the result will known, their was guest who entertaint the audence such as Gaia Cauchi, Anthea Zammit a dance who this year rappresent Malta in the first and last representative of Malta in Eurovision Young Dancers 2015 and Federica Falzon who also open the show tonight with Diamonds

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

In 2015, the event will be moving to Sofia, at Bulgaria and Malta will be taking part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the 11th non-consecutive time, noting that the Mediterranean Country took part every year between 2003 and 2010.

The Jury

PBS has appointed three international judges to select the Maltese artist.

  • Carlo Ori is an Italian music producer, author and composer.
  • Olga Salamkha is the Eurovision Head of Delegation of Belarus and Content Director of TV channel Belarus 24 BTRC.
  • Christer Björkman is the Eurovision Head of Delegation of Sweden, Executive Producer 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Executive Producer of Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and the Executive Producer of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Stockholm. Carlo Ori is an Italian music producer, author and composer.

Tele-voting carried the equivalent weight of the fourth Jury member.

The Winners

The Members of the Jury after they congratulate to all the singers and the good organization of the Festival one by one annouced the winner of this editon with the first place was annouced by the head of the Jury who saus thay the result was unanimous in agreement with the opinion of the Jurys and the public televoting choice.

  • First Place - Destiney Chukunyere
  • Second Place - Veronica Rotin
  • Third Place - Christina Magrin
The Three Winners of the JESC 2015 – Veronica Rotin (2nd.Place, Christina Magrin (3rd.Place) and Destiney Chukunyere (1st Place) the winner of the 2015 Edition
The Three Members of the International Jurys - Carlo Ori, Olga Salamkha and Christer Björkman

This year all the singers sing a cover version, and the Festival was a Singer Festival where all the singers make thei best to performer well, and the winner of the festival got a new song writing to rappresent Malta in Sofia next November.

So now Destiney with her vocal teacher Maria Abdilla will begain their perparation, first for the writing of the song, and they to moving to Sofia, at Bulgaria and Malta will be taking part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The Contest will be held in November at the Armeec arena in Sofia. The theme this year will be #discover. The theme carries a positive message that captures the spirit of Junior Eurovision and helps children find their dreams and discover each other.

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