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Ana Maria Grima

Ana Maria Grima was born on the 25 March, 1993 and lives in Mosta.

She has been singing from the age of 13 and studied under the direction of many professional tutors such as Michelle Castiletti (Amadeus) Claire Massa (school of music) and Claire Caruana.

Since she was young Ana Maria was very much interested in the beauty cosmetic field. She just finished her studies and now working as a makeup artist and Beautician. She previously was also a student at Mcast Art and Design.

Ana Maria Grima

Some of the major festivals Ana Maria took part in include, the Microfono D’ Oro in Italy Modena 2008 following the Junior Song For Europe 2008.

In 2009 she was one of the finalist on the program I.D (IDENTITA) 2011 she was chosen to sing Without You – Mariah Carey for the Sliema light Orchestra directed by Mro. Sigmund Mifsud, then in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2011 with the song Kif Nista.

In 2012 she sang Lay All Your Love On Me with Luan May Sant in the Concert Strummin and also in the same year came second on a competition by Fanatic studios on the program Malta LLejla. She then was finalist on the program Sas Sitta (passport to indifest) she also forms a part of the choir Enkor. And is one of the soloists.

Ana Maria Hopes to continue with her studies as a singer and makeup artist abroad.

On 17 September, 2015 Anna Maria Grima taken part in the Final of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2015 with the song Int U Jien written by Cher Vella and composed by Philip Vella.

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