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The Malta at Junior Eurovision 2013 was expected to be the television show by which Malta selected its entry to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 held in Kiev, [Ukraine] on 30 November 2013. However, PBS did not hold the local contest and instead selected Gaia Cauchi to represent Malta at the

This was Malta's ninth entry to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

After a 2 year break from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, PBS went for an internal selection, mainly because the decision to take part in the pan-European contest was made rather too late to enable the production of a local selection contest. On 25 September 2013 PBS announced that Gaia Cauchi would represent Malta in Kiev on 30 November, just two months later.

Malta was the ninth country to confirm participation in the 2013 edition of the Junior Eurovision song Contest alongside Albania, Armeria, Belarus, Georgia, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine.

The arena for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was the National Palace of Arts, as proposed by NTU, the National Television Company of Ukraine.

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